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Highly commended Hastings poetry competition

edited November 2011 in - Writing Tales
I had a letter to say my poem was highly commended in this competition.
Cheered me up i had a mince pie to celebrate. Not had much time for writing lately as Mum has been in hospital and I am now busy looking for a care home for her ( she has been assessed with early dementia) I had not realised how hard looking for a care home is plus all the talk of funding levels, top ups , deferred payments etc. Nightmare!


  • Forgot the link

  • Kateyanne, some good news to cheer you up! It is hard finding a care home: you have to do a lot of footwork, and you have to accept that you won't find the ideal place because it doesn't exist. You can only go with the best there is. Does your mum like a view, for instance? My MIL was found a room with a view of the street, as she had at home, so that she could see some life passing by. She didn't want to join in the activities; she was too embarrassed by being in a wheelchair for that, but she was content enough in her own space with some of her own things around her.
    I hope you can find something that suits your mum and the funds available. In the meantime, keep writing whenever you can - it is good for the morale!
  • Thanks BB. Mum likes to look out on a garden. She's not a great one for joining in with activities now really , they had some bingo coffee mornings etc at her warden flat , but she stopped going a few months ago when she started falling over.
  • Well done Katyanne. I hope it all goes well for your mum and off course you as well. I know it`s not easy.
  • Congratulations Katyanne - great news.
  • kateyanne, that's marvellous news! I do hope you find the right place for Mum soon.
  • Well done, Kateyanne. So sorry to hear about your mum. I know it's not easy finding the right care home. Wishing you and family all the best.
  • Congratulations and glad you got some good news just when you needed it.
  • Well done Kateyanne. Hope you get everything sorted soon.
  • Congratulations, Kateyanne!
  • Well done kateyanne. Very sad to hear of your mum's condition and having to find a care home for her. Hope you are able to find what she needs.

  • Well done kateyanne.

    [quote=kateyanne]Not had much time for writing lately as Mum has been in hospital and I am now busy looking for a care home for her[/quote]

    Good luck with that.
  • Congratulations, kateyanne - and good luck with your search for a care home - I know from personal experience what a hard task it is!
  • Missed this!

    Sorry to be so late, but her it is anyway - well done, KA! Another arrow in your quiver, so to speak ...
  • Missed it too! Congrats!
  • Hear, hear!
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