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TBer's Books on Kindle

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Well here it is. The Steinberg Diamonds, by Marc Brosnan. 99p.

If we are able to buy each others books we can leave feedback on Kindle to encourage others. In case you are unaware Amazon will only pay royalties after the sale of 100 ebooks!


  • I started receiving royalties from Amazon.co.uk after £10 worth; I think it's only .com you have to wait to earn $100.
  • Plug your book lilyC!
  • Aw, shucks. I'm sure TBers are getting bored of me now! Just plugged them on Elizabeth's Kindle thread before I saw yours so am pasting details below.

    Mine are the two novellas in the dark urban fantasy Magenta Shaman series (so far):

    Magenta Shaman - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Magenta-Shaman-ebook/dp/B004YR560O/
    Magenta Shaman Stones the Crow - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Magenta-Shaman-Stones-Crow-ebook/dp/B006888CNA

    and my poetry collection:

    Courting Demons - a Collection of Dark Verse - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Courting-Demons-Collection-Verse-ebook/dp/B005T7X4A2/
  • Well done on the book, Marc - for 99p I'll have a nosy! ;)

    Got both of Lily's Magenta ebooks - damn good too.

    Here's mine... 77p for six gritty crime shorts...



    Just a quick look at yours (it's late). I've 'liked' it, but put some tags on (apparently they're important for searches 'n' rankings), then I'll 'agree' with them to give it a boost. Nice cover BTW.
  • Out of interest, because I'm in Australia and don't know much about this - how much extra do you pay for books on Amazon UK, above the price the author sets? I set my books at $2.99 which I think comes up as about 2pounds 30p (haven't got the symbol on my laptop), but I noticed that after I put my first book up from 99p, sales in Britain (which had been good) dried up to practically nothing, whereas they stayed the same everywhere else. The reason I went to $2.99 was because of all the 'dollar dreadful' comments I was hearing, but the Brits just don't seem to like it.

    Having said that...here are my links :D ...

    Treespeaker (adult/crossover fantasy) http://www.amazon.co.uk/Treespeaker/dp/B004XDBOJG

    The Dragon Box (children's fantasy 8-12yrs) http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Dragon-Box-ebook/dp/B005FWQ296

    Mark of the Dragon Queen (YA/crossover fantasy) http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mark-Dragon-Queen-ebook/dp/B006SH34VG
  • Nena, VAT gets added onto the price the writer sets in the UK.
  • So how much does my 2pound 23p book cost you?
  • Treespeaker and Dragon Box are £2. Mark of the Dragon is £1.98.
  • Weird! I had them all set the same and it was simply whatever $2.99 was worth.

    So is that too much by British standards?
  • I have two books on Kindle. A book of Egyptian recipes


    And a book for YA called Body Trapped

  • [quote=Col B]77p for six gritty crime shorts.[/quote]

    I was astonished at your candour until I realised I'd read 'gritty' as 'grotty'!
  • Keep em coming folks!!
  • Body Trapped is free to download for 2 days only!
  • just bought Col B's, as a Manchester lass (well Salford lass) I can't wait to read about my home town
    good luk with sales everone :)
  • My novel, Oh Great, Now I Can Hear Dead People has been on Amazon Kindle since March '10 and has remained in the top ten bestsellers ever since - even reaching number one for six weeks:) And I'm getting good royalties every month (in the hundreds), often more than I get from my commerically published books, so I would say to anyone thinking about it, just do it. keep your prices low (under £2.00) and you will soon be seeing the financial rewards.
  • I think I'm going to have to get me a Kindle to read all these books!
  • My book is a bargain 84p! Think hot summer days, Cornwall, long sandy beaches, crashing Atlantic waves, hot surfer bods, romance and mystery...

    Secrets in the Sand by Jane Retallick:

    An exciting mystery romance set on the wild North Cornish coast....

    When Sarah Daniels moves to a small Cornish seaside village, her next-door neighbour – local handyman and champion surfer, Ben Trelawny – is intrigued. He falls in love with her stunning looks and quirky ways but their meetings are brief and abrupt.

    Who is this woman who locks herself away in her cottage, why is she getting mail addressed to a completely different person and what secret history is she trying to conceal?

    Just as Ben thinks he is starting to get past Sarah’s barriers, a shocking event threatens to change their lives forever. When a national newspaper reporter arrives in the village, Sarah disappears, making a decision that puts both her life and future in jeopardy.

  • I read your book, gf, and it's absolutely great. I loved being on those windswept Cornish beaches and if Ben Trelawny has a single older brother, send him over. I recommend your book to other TBers.

    Midia, I'm looking forward to reading yours. It's on my list.
  • GF, Secrets in the Sand sounds right up my street - just ordered a copy!
  • It's a great story- read it when it was originally published.
  • Hey, Shell, cheers!

    Hope it's not too 'gritty' for you (EEK).
    I was actually born in Hope Hospital, Salford, innit!
  • [quote=ttofee]I think I'm going to have to get me a Kindle to read all these books![/quote]
    You can download it for free to your laptop or to an iphone/android phone ttofee.

    Great stuff everyone !
    My list of "ebooks to read" is getting longer by the day - almost as long as my "real books to read".
    Am in the process of putting a poetry anthology onto Kindle - you can be sure you will hear more of this on here soon !
  • Just left a review for col and mutley
    Brilliant stories guys well done
  • [quote=Col B]Just a quick look at yours (it's late). I've 'liked' it, but put some tags on (apparently they're important for searches 'n' rankings), then I'll 'agree' with them to give it a boost. Nice cover BTW.[/quote]

    Can you explain this for me, please. Tags?
  • Shell,
    You're officially a diamond! ;)
    Really pleased you liked it.
  • Marc,

    If you scroll down below your book description, you can easily add relevant 'tags' to describe your product and assist people searching for books like yours (under those tags). Mine have, my name, crime, short stories, gritty, mystery, black humour, etc.

    Once you've done this, people can 'agree' with them - apparently, the more people agree, the better it is... (that's the bit I'm unsure about, but Lil or others may shed light on this aspect.)

    Hope this helps - just do it anyway, fella - it can only help.
  • why does it ask for credit card details? Am I doing the right thing?
  • OK, done this. Now what happens?
  • Loved it col, it really did remind me of being back home
    Fingers crossed it sells well for you :)
  • Marc,
    I can't see the tags (yet). Nothing mystical will happen. It's just better (see above). Tell what tags you want on for search purposes and I'll add them for you too.
  • Can I now be tagged??
  • Mossad, Murder, Crime, Cardiff, humour.

    Will this do Col? Cheers mate!
  • Yep.
    Just added those tags to both versions of yer book, so now your book should come up when people search. My guess is, the more people agree with the tags, the higher up the searched list you'll be. (Also 'liked' both versions.) But, regardless, it helps. If anyone else is reading this, go 'like' Marc's books and agree with his tags... er, if you agree! ;) While yer there, do the same with the other Talkbackers' books above if there's time, including mine!!! :D
  • edited January 2012
    Many thanks ColB, I do appreciate this. I welcome any 'likes' folks, if of course you do. It is a good yarn and well liked by those who have bought it. :)
  • My newest novel, 'Mark of the Dragon Queen', just went FREE on KDP Select for two days (Thurs 12th and Fri 13th...no, I'm not superstitious!). So if you'd like to pick it up for nothing, now's your chance! :D

  • edited January 2012
    Congrats Nena ! I am going to have a look at your new book as well as the others on this thread.

    In case anyone missed it on the other thread, mine went live yesterday and can be found here


    (don't know why the link is so long)
  • Try this one, Lexia. It goes straight to the book page - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Walking-Towards-the-Sun-ebook/dp/B006VY0O8M

    (Love that cover by the way!)
  • Hi All,

    I've just uploaded two books to Kindle; one is Dizzy Dandy and Other Short Stories and the other is the new poetry anthology, Fragile Earth (should be live on Amazon during next 12 hours or so)

    The link for Dizzy Dandy:

  • Good luck with them, KJ! :D
  • Good luck with the new books, KA

    I simply cannot d/l any more till I have read all those stil O/S!
  • I think this is the link for my book of poems. It is called My Teacher is a Witch by Gina Bailey.


  • Good luck KJ and Gina.

    Gina - the better link for your book is http://www.amazon.co.uk/Teacher-Witch-other-poems-ebook/dp/B006VIP0O6
  • Good luck all Kindle published authors. I'm still catching up with the newer releases. I
  • Good luck guys :)
    Maybe you could all keep us updated on your sales :)
  • Hi All,

    Following on from my previous post, I can confirm that the Kindle edition of 'Fragile Earth: An Anthology of Poems' is now live on Amazon.
    The link for those of you who are interested is:

    Three TBers have poems in the anthology.

    Print copies are due to arrive tomorrow so both versions will be available within a few days of each other.
  • Congratulations KJ and TB's in it.
  • Just checked on Amazon and my competition book: Greatest Guide to Winning Competitions is a Kindle freebie at the moment, so, if this is a hobby that interests you, here's your chance to grab a free copy now... Not sure how long the publisher has allocated the free giveaway for.

    here's the link:

    Let me know what you think of it?

  • Midia, I think your great title helped. It sums up the tone and the subject of your book brilliantly and really hooks people in. Did you do much promotion or was it mostly word of mouth?
  • Hi Ana,

    I have to confess, I've done hardly any promotion. I'm not a big fan of FB, Twitter or other social networks, so I just let it sell itself. Last weekend it reached number one in the bestsellers again and (aside from two rather pedantic 'reviewers'), feedback has been lovely, so far.
    Another tip for selling more Kindle books is to reduce the price on a Friday. More people buy Ebooks on a Friday and Saturday than any other day of the week.
  • KJKJ
    edited January 2012
    That's good advice, Midia. I've lowered mine for a couple of days - will be interested to see if it makes a difference.

    Your 'dead people' e-book is excellent, so I'm not surprised that it's selling well. Congrats!
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