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Addressing the reader directly in a picture book?

edited January 2012 in Writing

I've had an idea for a pic books for 0-4 year old and I wondered if it's possible to address the reader directly, for example: 'Do you know...?'
The only other pic book that uses this technique that I'm aware of is Don't Let the Pidgeon Drive the Bus (I think there's a sequel as well) but it's slightly different as the Pidgeon is interactive and the reader is expected to react/reply to the pidgeon's pestering.

Would a pic book addressing the reader/child be rejected straightaway?

Thanks for you help.



  • No, it wouldn't. In fact addressing the reader is a well known device for children that young. Who is this? What colour is that? What is behind the chair? Who made that smell? Where's Spot?

    I think you need to look at a few more picture books!!!
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