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Female writers' spectacular

edited February 2012 in - Reading
February is certainly proving to be a veritable feast of female writing. It's sad there are only a few days left to go.


Our very own LilyC deserves an extra special mention for coming up with such a tasty idea where women writers can gain exposure, and where readers who might not otherwise have an opportunity to discover the talent we have on our doorstep can take a moment to be overwhelmed by some truly exceptional writing. The fact they are women is just an added bonus.

Feb has almost been and gone and if Lily decides to do this again, it'll be another whole year before the opportunity strikes again. So please, do yourselves a favour and pop in. I'm sure the authors of the short pieces would be most grateful for your support and/or comments. Go on, it only takes a minute to hit the link.


  • Great stories- and poem IG. :)
  • Just popped in Lily, great site!
  • I went to click on this and got a warning in French (I'm in France after all) that the blog I am thinking of entering may contain adult themes, and that Google doesn't monitor the content of private blogs. Ooer! Never seen that before.
  • That's deliberate, bb. I set it to give the warning to under-18s as it is essentially dark fiction and horror (not 'naughty' adult themes!) It won't bite if you click 'I understand and wish to continue' - well, it might... ;)

    Hope you enjoy. There are some great tales and poetry from TBers Island Girl (Anna Harris), Red (AJ Humpage), Lou Treleaven, Pixie J. King, Dorothy Davies and, erm... me. Plus other female writers I've 'met' over the years through blogging, tweeting and joining writers' forums.
  • Had a quick look and now bookmarked to return to when I have more time.
    (Great poem, IG and great story, Red)
  • Thanks for that. I'm so glad a handful of you have popped in to take a look. There are not just TBers on there though and I certainly didn't post this to gain attention for my own work, so please do scroll back through February's days and read as many as you can if and when you find the time. It truly is well worth it.
    Thanks again, Lily, for providing the showcase.
  • Today's story is by DorothyD.

  • Thanks IG - I'm a bit behind today and was about to post that!
  • :( Oh nooooooooooooo!! The month of Feb officially ends today and this is THE very final story for February Femmes Fatales for the year! What am I going to read NOW?
  • Erm... not sure - you could always read them all over again!

    For anyone else that wants to visit the stories, and support some of your fellow TBers amongst others, all the stories and poems are listed at http://lilychildsfeardom.blogspot.com/p/february-femmes-fatales.html
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