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Who’s in May 2012’s magazines due out 5th April?

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Who’s in May 2012’s magazines? The magazines probably won’t be out until Thursday 5th April so DON’T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and WHICH PAGE; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don’t give away the ending.


  • I saw a Tber, a TBer. aTBer... with a great picture.

    Got mine this morning! That is surely a record...
  • Your postman IS early...
  • Hi. I've just got mine this morning. I get a mention on page 29 as the runner up in the science fiction short story.
  • Saw that, and was quite surprised as it wasn't a genre I would ever connect you with. :)

    Well done Malcolm- always good to see a TB in the lists.
  • I got mine just now, won't have time to read it until later, but spotted some cracking good articles.
  • Yes, there are quite a few interesting articles (again) this month.
  • Congratulations to you Malcolm, and to the other winners. :)
  • Thanks. My sci fi story is all to do with discovering words by a future generation forbidden to write. The two protagonists are Will and Anne who love to lie under a Greenwood tree. Yep. You've guessed.
  • Congratulations, Malcolm!
  • Mine arrived today too. Haven't had chance to open it yet.
  • Mine arrived at lunchtime but not had a chance to look at it yet.
    Well done Malcolm.
  • The winning sci fi story is a really excellent read. Very clever.
  • I am on page 25! They emailed me to ask if I would be happy to take part in a section on 'Homestudy' and had to write 300 words. Congratulations on your news, Malcolm! :)
  • Well done Helen.
  • Congratulations, Helen, I hadn't spotted that.
  • Congrats Malcolm and Helen!

    Noticed at least one other TBer on my flick through.

    I was really looking forward to the Joanne Harris interview - and wasn't disappointed. I tweeted about it this evening, and she picked it up and retweeted it to 5,800 followers!
  • Mine comes diect to my ipad. I don't receive the printed edition any more.
  • Well done Welshman and Helen. I also see an article by a TB member. Congratulations, Elaine.
  • Well done guys.
  • I have let my subscription lapse for a while as I can't catch up with reading the mags from earlier months, so I am only going to buy from the shops when there's something I really want to read or when I have more time. Please tell me if my name ever appears as a shortlisted entrant or anything like that. For the first time in years, i won't necessarily have the chance to see for myself.
  • I was thinking of doing the same, Viv.
    It's not that the articles aren't interesting, but after a while a lot of them do get samey. Can't be helped I suppose.

    Well done to everyone who appeared in this month's issue.
    So far I've only read Lorraine Mace's page and had a good chuckle over the wedding item in it!
  • I'm in.
    Well done Malcolm (winning entry has typo in first line) and Helen. Must go online to read your story, Malcolm - you can always submit it for publication on www.alfiedog.com as a pay per download story.
  • Aha, it was you I spotted first, Mutters!
  • Thank you Jenny, I've not seen a copy yet! I've just remembered to renew my subscription so ordered a 'back copy' at the same time. Yes, they already see the May issue as a back copy - where is the year going...?
  • Well done Helen , Welshman and Writebag!
  • I've only had time to flick through - I spotted Mutley but no one else yet.

    Congrats to all those who're in there.
  • Ah yes just seen Mutley now well done!
  • well done, Mutley and writebag!
  • Congratulationms Mutley.
  • Congratulations everyone else, I'm getting through it slowly - have to come back and read Malcolm's story on the site, as well.
  • I'm in members' news with my 'Jammy tales'! I didn't know if they were going to put it in or not, so that's nice.
    Congratualtions to everyone else.
  • Congratulations to you too, Daisy.
  • Congratulations, Daisy!
  • Well done Daisy.
  • A great month! Well done to everyone!
  • Well done to all in this month's mag - keep the Talkback flag flying!
  • Congratulations Mutley, Helen, Writebag and Daisy.
  • Congratulations to you all. Fantastic achievements!
  • Congratulations to all in the mags this month. As usual takes a little longer to be delivered overseas...
  • Congrats to all!

    I bought my first copy in months, if not years. I stopped subscribing when I spotted one too many typos. As I flicked through, waiting to pay, guess what I spotted...?
  • There's usually one...:)
  • edited April 2012
    Don't make it right...:)
  • :)

    [quote=Baggy Books]Don't make it right...[/quote]

    Or "don't make it write"

    eh Baggy? ;)
  • Have to tell Webbo, Baggy.
  • Could you proof my mac for me, BB?

    Only the rain's getting in it summat terrible.
  • No probs. Just email it over.
  • "takes a hop, skip and squelchey jump in BB's direction after taking a moment out to flash at that bloke I see everyday at the bus stop"
  • Well done to everyone who has appeared in the May issue :)
  • edited May 2012
    Congratultions Malcolm, Helen, Writebag (page 68), Mutley (page WN17) and Daisy (WN page 14)!
  • Hi, Webbo! Bit late reading May's magazine(s).

    Has the passive tense disappeared? Page 6: “… the programmes will broadcast on ITV1 …”

    Page 21: “… there is lots of event …”; and “… common to both is that they both …”. The cover of Ian McEwan’s book shows the title as “The Child in Time”, but the article refers to it as “Child in Time”.

    The winning story on pages 28-29 was excellent. I thought at first it was a poem: door … before … floor. There was some repetition: morning light; floor; field of vision/view; grenade; Sergeant/Sarge (two sergeants?); and voices. And “The way I was laying …”

    Those ‘oh-no-not-again!’ words: iconic, page 7; and kick-start (twice), page 38.

    Pages 38-39. Quite a bit of repetition: mind; flow; fire/firing; main; lateral/laterally; stop/stopped; work; and question/questions. Sixty/Seven-minutes-worth; forty; seven; and five. Cliché with and without an accent. “Arthur Miller would type this … as he was typing.”

    Pages 42-43. “The assonance of classy façade is pleasing …”, and “… is classy a lazy adjective?” So is it in or out?

    And I especially liked the back cover ad. “Make 2012 your year of adventure. Greece. Thailand. Cambodia. Cuba. Isle of Wight.”
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