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I have a Writing room

edited April 2012 in - Writing Tales
Good news! I have claimed that plot of space behind the front room and before the dining room, formally known as the computer room until the computer broke down and found itself in the bin, as my writing room. The computer desk is now my writing desk and because I broke the £200 chair Mum was given an office from her friend at work for free.

I laid claim to the room yesterday which Mum accepted which sigh but while she was out I moved several writing books from my bedroom to the glass cabernet at the end of the desk. She complained at first that she didn’t want clutter in her way but I stood my ground and my Gran supported me. The room is now mine to do as I please.

I’ve spent most of the day there writing and planning. The only issue I have is that there is no way between the front room or the dinning room so that means the TV might distract me but unlike school I can use my Ipod and tune out. I can't really complain. :-)


  • Ah, my study is in between back hall and the sitting room. Which you can get to from the kitchen, and indeed anywhere else. You can use a another way way to get to the siting room, and upstairs, but everyone comes through here. It doesn't worry me at all it makes me feel part and not apart, and the noise and the activity I think its stimulating to the brain.
  • It all sounds brilliant. May it bring you much happiness, StF.
  • Awww, that's great STF. YOu're own little hidey hole.

    I too have my computer in the main living area. I feel I'm in the naughty corner most of the time but it's okay.
  • That's great-a real space of your own. I tend to use the living room or occasionally I use the bedroom-I have a small wheelable laptop desk so I can adjust to wherever I am.
    I'm lucky in that I have no distractions in the way of kids, dogs and an obliging Hubby who keeps me supplied with food and drink when required.

    Whatever works is the best solution :)
  • Lucky you StF. Enjoy. :)

    My desk is in the living room. I have hopes for some time in the summer to get all the furniture outside and then move everything around so I can get a quieter corner...
  • Hey! Well done stf. Now you're set to go!
  • Fantastic StF. I am lucky I have my daughters old bedroom, cost me a loft conversion to get it.
  • That's great news, I hope you get a lot of good writing done there :-)
  • Well done, StF - you need space where you can leave your work and walk away, knowing it will be there untouched when you get back.
    My writing space is on the mezzanine right under the roof in the one bedroom in this house, accessed by a husband-made staircase. It's my space; I do occasionally hang washing up here, but otherwise it's just for me. If we ever rent this one out, I'll have to make sure I get priority in making another space next door. Who needs a kitchen, anyway?
  • Hope you have many enjoyable writing experiences in your new space StF. My writing space is curled up on the sofa with my laptop in the evenings once normality has been restored!
  • It used to be in the afternoons when my daughter napped but sadly those naps seem to be getting shorter and shorter...:)
  • [quote=bertiebear]Who needs a kitchen, anyway?[/quote]

    I used to - my desk was in there!!!!

    The problem I have is that I have two distinct things I do in my office, one is the painting and the other is the writing, need a bigger office!!!
  • Sounds great St, especially now you are a jobbing writer!
  • As long as Mum (The the Cat) leaves my desk alone everything should be where I left it. The desk holds my laptop and notepads perfectly!
  • The cat will be a pain, trust me. The cat will suss out that you like it neat and tidy and will be up there, with the muddy paw prints, because it now knows that your notepads fit perfectly. Suggest you find a way to make sure cat gets message to keep off your space. :D
  • Good luck with it StF. I am fortunate to have exclusive use of a small south facing room, with a patio door, which contains my desk and PC, three tall bookcases, a couple of nice original watercolours, and all my jazz CD's and a player. All I lack is a wine wrack
  • Cats have a sixth sense about these things, I ended up with footprints across the bottom of a painting once.
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