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Getting Published By Women's Magazines

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I am currently offering free advice over at lydiajones.hubpages.com or at www.lydiajones.co.uk and follow the link - on how to write for and get published by the women's magazine market.
I have had over 100 short stories published here and abroad and my career took off after winning a Writers' News comp. I have recently published an e-book "For A Smile" which reached No 2 in Amazon Short Stories Bestsellers Chart.
This series of articles is offered in the spirit of helpfulness to other writers out there and although hubpages is a monetized site I am earning nothing from it as I don't have a Google Adsense account. So please stop by and check it out. I hope it helps! :)


  • I wrote a womag story a few years ago. It was well out of my comfort zone, but it was homework for a college course, so I entered in to the spirit and produced a work of mind numbing goo with a tear-jerking happy ending. I even felt the need to add a note on the bottom, apologising for inflicting such schmulz on the class.

    Afterwards, I was prevailed upon to 'sub' it and it subsequently appeared in 'Yours' Yearbook, (hard cover) and remains my only 'paid for' published work. Although I bent my principle a little and cashed the cheque, I'm still dreadfully embarrassed that my one success is so far away from my chosen style. Being in hardback, I imagine that my shame is still lurking on old ladies book cases throughout the land, and I live in constant fear of finding it in a charity shop.

    At least though, I can claim a 100% success record with womag stories. Beat that if you can :)
  • Nice one Snailmale. Just proves what I always say, if you want to seel your work you have to write what the publisher wants not what you want to write.
  • I'd like to write for women's magazines but not sure if my writing would be schmulzy enough.

    Yesterday I started work on a sci-fi novel that is anything but romantic.
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    That's obviously true, Betsie, but I've never been able to discipline myself to sit down to try to write for a market. I've long settled for being a 'fun' writer, content with the occasional comp. short listing, and giving my writing group friends a laugh at our meetings. If my novel ever sees the light of day it's drinks all round for TB'ers. (Don't get too excited )
  • [quote=LadyRenate]I'd like to write for women's magazines but not sure if my writing would be schmulzy enough.[/quote]

    Not all womag stories are 'schmulzy' or romantic. It depends which mag you write for. Try reading some of them and the fiction specials.
    Having said that, what Lydia says is largely true - if you don't respect the style of stories in the mag then you are unlikely to be able to write them with any sincerity of emotion.(With snailmale being an obvious exception!!)
  • Sounds good Lydia, I'm always trying, but get nice rejections, if there is such a thing.
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