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Drought is Over

edited May 2012 in - Writing Tales
After many months of having no luck at all, have finally managed to sell a story to 'The People's Friend'.

I'm dedicating it to my daughter who died recently and always encouraged me to follow my dream to write,


  • Happy news and sad news, Niddy, so congratulations and commiserations. :) :(
  • well done on your sale niddy, good to hear that persistence pays off. Hold on to your daughters encouragement and support to write, she lived because of you and your dreams will live because of her. May she rest in peace and I hope
    that you find solace in her memory. Take care of yourself.
  • Well done on the sale, Niddy.

    I'm sure your daughter would be very proud.
  • Congratulations on your sale to People's Friend, Niddy.

    I think dedicating this to your daughter is an excellent and wonderful idea.

    ((((( Niddy )))))

    Best wishes and many hugs.

  • That's lovely news Niddy, and I'm sure your daughter would have been celebrating with you.
  • Well done, Niddy: your daughter would have been proud of you, not only for getting your story published, but for being able to move forward and to see a future fro yourself after such a sad, heart-breaking event.
  • Yes, Niddy. When you see your story in print, imagine your daughter smiling and saying, 'Mama did it!'
    Well done.
  • ((((((((((((((Niddy))))))))))))))))))
  • Well done Niddy - something positive has come from all your sadness - you did it for her.
  • Congratulations, Niddy. A lovely idea to dedicate it to your daughter. She would be so proud of you.

  • Congratulations Niddy. Happy, yet also sad news. Your daughter would be so proud of you right now. Lovely thought to dedicate it to her.
  • Congratulations Niddy. How lovely to dedicate it to your daughter.
  • Things are looking up, had another hit, this time a children's story to Knowonder
  • Well done Niddy! You're on a roll, very impressive!

    Is Knowonder an online publication or is it in the shops? Apologies, I'm not too much in the know with children's stuff, but I'm getting better as my toddler gets older! :)
  • That's good news, Niddy. Well done.
  • Well done, Niddy. That's great news.
  • edited May 2012
    Congratulations Niddy. Your daughter would be so proud. ((((((Niddy)))))
  • Well done, Niddy! Yippee!
  • Thank you so much for asking Rosalie.

    We have have highs and lows but have some great support from family and friends. At the moment I am concentrating on my grandson. He has had so much change in his life this year. The loss of his mother, moving to another house, taking his exams, then leaving school, finding a placement at college. It's his prom tomorrow night and I must admit seeing him in his finest made my eyes fill and I just wish his mum was here to share this special time with him - we will both most likely shed a few tears this weekend.

    I am so sorry to hear about your dad, just remember all the good times you had together and take all the support you can, it really does help.
  • Good to hear the update on your grandson, Niddy.
  • This is one of those milestones in a year and a life, Niddy; it marks your grandson's growing up, leaving school, moving forward; but it's also something achieved in a testing year that no-one expected. Well done to him, and to you for getting him and yourself through. The tears will be sad and proud at the same time.
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