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My lovely editor at PF, soon to leave fiction to move to 'Features', has bought one of my stories (which first saw the light of day as a non-shortlisted Writing Magazine competition entry about 10 years ago)
I'll be getting a new editor and this time it's a bloke. Somehow I've never thought of men being editors on women's magazines and I look forward to 'meeting' and working with him!


  • Fantastic news ceka. A decade later, wow - persistence definitely pays off! :) I hear PF is a tough market to crack so well done on doing so brilliantly. It sounds like you've had many successes there. Best of luck with the new male editor. :)
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    He's a lucky guy - having you on his books!

    [quote= Debby]I hear PF is a tough market to crack so well done on doing so brilliantly. It sounds like you've had many successes there[/quote]

    Right on both counts!
  • Will certainly be interesting to see what subtle changes this new editor brings about.
    Hope this new relationship prospers, Ceka.
  • "gasp"

    a man? eeek


    [/quote] [quote=Baggy Books]He's a lucky guy - having you on his books![/quote]

  • Well done, Ceka!
  • Congratulations, Ceka!
  • Good stuff, Ceka.
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    Well done, Ceka - what's time to a good story, after all? Hope the Ed. works out well for you.
  • Well done on being a PF favourite, Ceka. They know what they want - and you've got it!!
  • Well done, Ceka and I hope all goes well with the new editor.
    I have yet to become a PF 'regular' but when I sent my last story to them, I had a reply from a man (which surprised me) suggesting some improvements. I made these and then he suggested some more, which I've done. I'm now sitting with my fingers crossed for a positive outcome!
    Maybe he will be your new editor - I can't imagine they've got loads of males there, can you?
  • Fingers crossed for you, Sallyj.
  • Well done Ceka . PF are nice to deal with. I send lots of childrens things to them and they always reply whatever. The Childrens Editor did tell me that she is only allowed to buy one story a week, so she has a pile of to buys, so if you dont have a rejection , chances are they have accepted your story. Luckily I have one in the to buy pile.Hope your relationship flourishes with the new editor.
  • Well done ceka. Another success. Just goes to show - never stop submitting even after years. Good luck with your 'new man'.
  • Well done Ceka. Sounds a long time getting the story into print. Obviously pays to keep them all.
    I had my first PF success this year too.
  • Well done, Ceka and fingers crossed sallyj
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