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Another near miss for the Travel Writer of the Year

edited May 2012 in - Writing Tales
Just had a look at the BBC Wildlife Magazine Travel Writer of the Year results - and I've been commended... again.
One day - just one day, I'm going to win this competition! :)


Here's the link if you're interested in reading my story... (it's the third one down)


  • Sorry to hear that Claudia, but well done on yet another year of getting into the final group.
  • Love your story, Claudia. You should have won!

    Congrats anyway - and all best for next year. You'll do it!
  • Lovely story Claudia, I particularly liked the
    avian horror bit, to make the connection with Alfred Hichcocks film
    must have been a sight indeed.
    Well done and hope you are successful next year.
  • Commiserations but well done on being commended.
  • Congratulations on being commended.
  • Very well done, claudia.
    Sorry you didn't win, but being commended is an excellent achievement in itself.
  • What a shame and well done, and I love the story.
  • Congratulations Claudia! No mean achievement. Persistence will pay off, I'm sure.
  • So close! Keep trying - one year you will win!
  • Claudia, just being mentioned is a HUGE thing, BBC magazines have an enormous circulation, congratulations!
  • Ah, read the story, it's lovely! I got a bit confused at the front as you were talking about mice and I thought the kitten was a baby mouse, particularly as baby mice are called kittens and look like curled prawns - but understood later on!
  • Thanks for the good wishes - excuse me for not hitting the 'thanks' button, but I'm afraid I don't have time. (We leave for Morocco on Friday, so busy, busy with our preparations...)

    I'm chuffed to bits, but a wee bit disappointed to have got so close for the third time!

    [quote=francis]I particularly liked the
    avian horror bit, to make the connection with Alfred Hichcocks film
    must have been a sight indeed.[/quote]

    Um - I think you're referring to someone else's story, Francis (I'm the one from Fiji). :)
  • edited May 2012
    Well done, Claudia! Fingers crossed for next time.

    This competition is mentioned in July's Writers' News, page 10. Closing date 10th June. I wondered if it might be of interest.


    “We are looking for the best nautical images which celebrate Britain’s costal [sic] landscape and our relationship with the sea …”

    Don’t forget their terms and conditions.
  • Sorry Claudia, I read all the stories and obviously got mixed up.
    I have just re read.
    What a task picking a winner from such wonderful writings.
    All the best with your next endeavours.
    Take care.
  • Well done Claudia, you'll get there!
  • Claudia, that's a triumph, so I won't offer my commiserations. Congratulations instead!!
  • What a shame you didn't won. I'm off to read your story now. Well done on being commended, but I understand that doesn't feel like a consolation. Maybe next year.
  • Just read it - utterly brilliant - you should have won. I loved when you bent down to get the rice. Your description is priceless. So many fiction writers could learn a lot by reading that article. Thank you.
  • Claudia, I'm sure you will win it one day! And to get highly commended is phenomenal to me, when I consider the thousands of international entries they get every year
    Well done, be proud!
  • Well done Claudia. Fingers crossed for that win next time!
  • Wow - thanks again for all the lovely comments.
    I'm off tomorrow - hopefully will have plenty of internet opportunities in Morocco (as well as lots of interesting experiences and plenty of photo ops).
    Will stay in touch whenever possible.
    Meantime - happy and productive writing everyone!
  • Have a fabulous time,Claudia, looking forward to hearing all about it already!
  • Just as a small post-script to this - I was in contact with the editor of BBC Wildlife Magazine recently. In her reply to me she said:

    "Have you seen your article on our website?
    I laughed out loud when I was uploading it.
    We very much appreciate you taking the time to write and hope you will enter our travel writing competition again next year."

    Chuffed when I read that!
  • That's great. Well done, Claudia. :)
  • Have just seen this thread, Claudia - well done you!!! :) Fingers crossed you'll do it next time.
  • Excellent, Claudia. I think you can take that as encouragement of the highest order.
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