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Trying to enter 2 competitions - Webbo?

edited June 2012 in - WM and WN
I have just tried to enter two competitions - the short story for children about a dog, and the subscribers only three items one.
I uploaded the doggy one successfully and my basket showed £3.
I uploaded the 3 items one and my basket returned to £0.
Now I don't know whether I should start again or not.


  • The three items one is free as a subscriber, but you can check your account (so I discovered the other day) when you are logged on to WM (not to TB), so have a look.
  • Webbo said you should get a confirmation e-mail- the competition entry does seem to give problems. :)
  • I re-entered and paid for the doggy one. I suppose if "they" fet wo entries of the three items one form me they'll just ditch one.
    Thanks folks :)
  • I entered online and got a confirmation email saying thanks for the update of my personal info, but no mention of the comp entry.
    When I went to my account, after telling Liz the above, I found mention of a comp I haven't entered, (Adonis to Zorro?)and not the one I have. I did get a message on the screen at the time of entering (the "All a Dream" comp) saying I had entered successfully, but Webbo, it isn't a very secure feeling!
    The last one I entered online, I didn't get any sort of message at all, at any time, and I'm not convinced the entry ever made it. Being free comps, we can't even check that we've been debited for a fee, which would sort of confirm things.
    We put a lot of hope into sending in entries, Webbo - please can you make it more satisfactory?
  • We're trying to make the process more robust and friendly BB.
    You should be able to see your previous entries (even the free ones) in your account details, but I appreciate that's no use if the site isn't treating that info correctly (ie your Adonis to Zorro entry).
    If you'd like to confirm whether any entries have been received, whisper here or email me [email protected] including your surname and postcode.
  • [quote=liz young]I suppose if "they" fet wo entries of the three items one form me they'll just ditch one.[/quote]

    I apologize for the THREE typos in this one sentence! That should be "get two entries" and "From me".
    Just goes to show I should not type anything in the half-light at nine pm after a glass of wine.

    [quote=bertiebear]We put a lot of hope into sending in entries, Webbo - please can you make it more satisfactory?[/quote]

    Exactly, bb. Apart from being shortlisted once - oh frabjous day! - I have no certain knowledge that my many entries arrived safely.
    I am reluctant to return to snail-mail, for financial and time reasons, and besides, this online stuff is supposed to make things easier, ain't it??
  • I've just sent an entry online. It's the first time I've done it. Although my payment is listed under the account I had to set up (which seemed a lot of faffin' around) I have not yet had a message to confirm that the entry has been received. Is this normal? Usually if I send something to other sites they send confirmation.
  • Hi Verity,
    if the payment is listed, that should mean we've got it, but by all means whisper me your surname and postcode and we'll have a check.
    There should have been a confirmation email for the paid comps, so thanks for letting me know that's not working.
  • Whispered ( I hope!). Thanks.
  • I'm trying to submit my entry for the ghost story competition (thanks for this thread - I went out and bought some envelopes today unaware that I could enter online!).

    How do I find my subscriber number? Please don't say "On the piece of paper that comes with the magazine" because I've thrown it away!
  • You can e-mail the subs department, give your name and address and ask for your subscription number- or ring them up. They're very helpful.

    Then store that number somewhere safely...:)
  • Thanks Carol :-)
  • Where've you gone, OLG?
  • Still here Nell!

    Do you mean my photograph? I decided it was pointless having a photograph that showed hardly any of my face so I replaced it with the OLG logo from my website. I've used the photograph on my profile page where more of it shows.
  • [quote=Onlinegenie]Do you mean my photograph?[/quote]

    Yes, we were the only two TBers that had a window to peer through.
  • I wonder about that piccy of yours, TN. Is that The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships ?
  • Just to confirm Verity, yes we did receive your ghost story entry, thank you very much!
  • The phone call was the easy part! I now have my subscriber number and have entered it in the box. The words "Trying to locate your subscription" have been on the screen alongside a spinning wheel for some minutes. Do I just have to be more patient or is something wrong?
  • [quote=snailmale]I wonder about that piccy of yours, TN. Is that The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships ? [/quote]


    More like The Face That Ate a Thousand Cakes.
  • it shouldn't take that long OLG - perhaps close the window and come in to it cold: try http://www.writers-online.co.uk/register
    You only need to input your surname, postcode and subs number, and it should find you quite quickly
  • Thanks Webbo - that worked fine. It didn't accept my first choice of credit card (fault on the Mastercard system?) but the second went through fine (Visa).
  • I think I've only entered online once, maybe twice!

    I just don't trust that I've clicked all the right buttons or that it gets to where it should go.

    I'm stuck in the time warp of A4 envelopes and stamps that say 'Large' on them!
  • A big thank you to Webbo for checking that for me!
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