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A215 Creative Writing module - Open University

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I am working towards a BA (Hons) Humanities, specialising in Creative Writing. I start my second year this September. and it's the A215 Creative Writing module!

I can't tell you how excited I am to be studying Creative Writing. I have always studied subjects that would help me in my 'real-life' job, such as AAT Accountancy and Business Studies. This is the first time that I have put writing first. I feel like I am taking myself more seriously as a writer.

Has anyone else studied this module? Is anyone thinking of doing it? I would love to find some people doing the module this year to partner up with.


  • I think a few Talkbackers have done OU courses.
    It's a bit quiet today, so you might not get any answers yet. :)
  • Hi Jenni, coincidently Ive just done my AAT level 3 and about to embark on my level 4 and one day hope to be able to focus on my writing and do the OU Creative Writing so would love to know how you find it.

    Great news that you're now focusing on your writing that's fantastic :-)
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    [quote=Emma B]Hi Jenni, coincidently Ive just done my AAT level 3 and about to embark on my level 4 and one day hope to be able to focus on my writing and do the OU Creative Writing so would love to know how you find it.

    Great news that you're now focusing on your writing that's fantastic [/quote]

    Hi Emma,

    I will be writing some blog posts about my experiences on the A215 module. I'll post the links in the blog section once the course has started. I blog here: http://abstractblueberrysky.blogspot.com

    Good luck with level 4! You're braver than I am. I only had the stamina for level 2. :)
  • How spooky, I only had two exams left to complete AAT - PCR and DFS (I think they're different names today). Knocked it on the head when I had a health scare and ultimately changed career. But it's a fab qualification and well worth the effort.

    Back to the writing course...can't help, but wish you all the best.
  • Hi Jenni
    I just finished A215 at the end of May. I am waiting for the results for the EMA. I enjoyed the course and am pondering whether to sign up for the advanced course.
  • That's brilliant, congrats! You'll have to let me know how the advanced course goes, if you decide to do it. How did you find the A215? Have you any tips?
  • Thanks Baggy Books! :)
  • Looked at this myself. I'd love to know how you get on with it - keep us posted.
  • I've studied the A215 course - enjoyed it.
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    [quote=jenni1607]How did you find the A215? Have you any tips?[/quote]
    I really enjoyed it, it was the first time I had done anything like it since school and I was a big failure there.. It pushed me to do some writing which is what I needed - me being the king of procrastination and excuses. Tips wise, get ahead on the chapters and use the forums as much as you can. Get your tma drafts done as quickly as you can so you have plenty of time for your tutor to look at them, but mainly just enjoy :).
    My wife is studying humanities, she's on the AA100 starter course at the moment.
  • [quote=Philip]My wife is studying humanities, she's on the AA100 starter course at the moment.[/quote]

    That's what I'm studying. I've just finished AA100. I found it hard for a starter course, only because it covers such a wide range of subjects. This was what made the course enjoyable though.
    And thanks for the tips!
  • I signed up for that degree as well but still struggling with the financial side of things so haven't paid or started yet.
  • It's an interesting degree to take. There are so many different modules to choose from, so you get the added benefit of choosing the modules that appeal to you and/or you think you'll get the best result from.
  • My technical diploma for Business Management is coming to end, thankfully. One more exam to go. I've hated every second of it. It relies too heavily on antiquated maths, and I really hate maths with a passion. I've told everyone around me that if someone so much as wafts a degree or diploma under my nose and I even remotely think about it, they should shoot me.
  • It's so different when it's something you enjoy, though.
  • [quote=Liz!]It's so different when it's something you enjoy, though.[/quote]

    I agree. I took GCSE maths as a night course a few years ago and hated every second of it. It very nearly put me off further education all together until I found out I had to take an access course to study at university level. I did English and history at level 2 and didn't want it to end. Now I'm studying something I love doing, I think I'll stay in education as long as I can! :)
  • [quote=Liz!]It's so different when it's something you enjoy, though. [/quote]

    That's true, but I did all the things I love when I was in education, maaaaany moons ago. There's no room any more in my business environment, other than role specific qualifications, none of which are enjoyable.
  • Yours :)
  • Hi , I did A215 and progressed onto the Advanced Course A363, and can honestly say I have never enjoyed or completed such challenging courses.
    A215 was interesting as a starter but A363 stretched me to the limit. The support from the other students via the forums and my tutor was very good.
    We met up for coffee during the course and started our own group online after the course ended.

    I wrote a 15 minute radio play and a 4,000 word short story as well as very challenging poetry sections with Villanelle, Pantoum, sonnets and so on.
    We reviewed and critiqued each others work,and it had to be up to publishing standard ... not a comma out of place.
    Tutorials ,exercises online it was very enjoyable.

    A few of us went on to be regularly published in magazines in the U.K and colonies and we had some book deals amongst our group.
    I am writing for the internet still doing the odd submission to magazines - not getting paid but I enjoy what I am doing and my theoretical knowledge has increased dramatically.

    There is a great choice of subject matter within the course and you have to work very hard to complete it.
    I remember at draft 14 of the radio play wondering if I would ever get it right:the way I wanted it to be, and the layout was a challenge in itself.
    I realised at the end, clutching my diploma; that this was just the start of the learning process.There is always something to learn.
    Sadly I have yet to find a class to join that lives up to the standard they set for me personally, and going it alone now is hard.

    If you are serious about wanting to learn and practice writing outside your comfort zone this is the course for you.
    I would start with A215- going into the advanced course is hard without this as a background.
    I hope this helps.And yes I will have some typo's . Not put this away for 3 weeks.

  • I've just looked at the price of this course today. Sooooooo not happening :-(
  • Other courses are available, Emma :)
  • :) No I was not thinking of WN.
  • I am having a go at the free modules of the Creative Writing course, just to keep myself disciplined although I am involved with WB but I don't suppose they mind. It is something one can dip into as consolidation and to quote Poirot,keep the little grey cells moving. Use it or lose it as the saying goes
  • What were you thinking dora?
  • Financial help in the way of a student loan is available for the ou course, if you are on a low income. I was lucky, when I signed up last year just before the prices went up I qualified for a grant that covered the whole fee. I have just got my final result. I got a grade 2 pass.
  • well done, Philip, sounds hopeful to me!
  • Congratulations Phillip - well done!
  • Congratulations, Phillip.
  • Congratulations Philip, fantastic news.
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    A215 is no longer available and probably won't be until 2017!! :(

    Congratulations Phillip, that's a cracking grade :)

    ETA: ignore my first line, it is run once a year - with, possibly, the last one in 2017
  • The price is the reason I decided against my degree in the end. I can't get a loan either because I haven't been living in the UK for 3 years. :/
  • Not only could I not afford it, but at my age I might not live long enough to complete it.
  • Hi Jenni,
    I completed A 215 at the end of 2011. It's a brilliant course; it's tough as any uni module should be, but I'm confident you will enjoy it. It gave me inspiration but at present I'm giving this tired old brain a rest. What with two books on Kindle and in softback I need to lie down in a darkened room for about six months before attempting A363.

    All good wishes-stick with it Jenni.
  • Came across this competition to win a year's study free with OU.

    Terms and conditions: http://www8.open.ac.uk/choose/ou/gtm-comp-tc-2

    Entry form: http://www3.open.ac.uk/forms/comp-g-2/

    Closing date for entries is 4 March 2013
  • So, erm, what exactly does one have to do to be in the competition? Is it just put your name in a draw somewhere Carol?
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    Just click on the second of Carol's links - Entry Form - and fill in your details.

    ...and good luck :)
  • You obviously have to meet the qualifying standard, but the rules are very clear on what is and isn't covered.

    If anyone enters, fingers crossed for you.
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