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Writers Bureau v's SFEP

edited July 2012 in Writing

Has anyone taken the Writers Bureau courses? I am considering one of the editing ones. However, someone else said they would recommend the sfep version. I would appreciate your guidance on this.




  • Can't help on this, but I think a couple of TB's have used the Writers Bureau courses.
  • I did one years ago. It was great fun, but I'd already begun to get things published (it was more of a writing course than editing). WB.
  • I don't have any problems getting published, but would really like to expand on my skills and build on editing and proofreading. However, I want a course that will be recognised and accepted. Are the WB one's recognised?
  • There's no exams - I think WB are more for personal development. You could email Ros and ask her which one she did.
  • Thanks so much for the feedback. After much research I have decided to go for ChapterHouse - hope I made the right choice!
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