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What colour pen do you write with?

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This is a thought that has just occurred to me. If I have two or three different stories being planned I write them with different coloured pens so I can tell which is which. However if I am just brain storming ideas I must write in my TARDIS blue pen. (It’s not a Doctor who Pen, although I do have some, it just writes in the same shade of blue as the TARDIS.) If I am writing a first draft by hand then I must write in black. I simply refuse to write in other colours or the wrong colour.

Does anyone else do this or I am just being picky?


  • No, not at all. I usually write in black. Notes on things I need to research later, such as a name of a place or somewhere gets written in red, research notebooks are usually written in green for ideas, purple for half baked theories and red for eureka moments. So no I don't think you are strange at all.
  • I've never worried about the ink colour - but having heard your thoughts I might go for it - great idea
  • I don't use a pen at all; just the keyboard. Text is in black, Calibri, but I highlight anything that needs improving in red.
  • Also depending on how eureka the thought was it gets written in capitals, underlined or highlighted. I really need a life.
  • I write in black or blue and have red and green to write important bits. But Cross have jsut stopped doing green ink cartridges for biros so I'm mad about that.
  • Usually I write in black, but if I can't find my usual pen then I'll grab any colour available, blue or red- or even a pencil.
  • I usually write in lipstick, especially on mirrors in public toilets.
  • [quote=St Force]I simply refuse to write in other colours or the wrong colour.

    Oh dear! You're far too young and talented to be so set in your ways, StF :)
    Preferred colours and pens - we all have those - but "simply refuse"?
    Me, I like black, which stems from the days when blue wouldn't show up in a photocopy (yes, I AM that old!) but I'll use blue or even red if nothing else is available.
  • I like black, with red for corrections and a highlighter for special changes. Mostly I write on my laptop, but same colour scheme appllies. Having said that, I do like a beautiful fountain pen and a dark bottle of black ink. I find it does wonders to my scrawlings to revert back to ink pen sometimes; though it doesn't happen so much these days and consequently, my scrawl just carries on deteriorating into oblivion.
  • [quote=Neph]I usually write in black[/quote]
    Me too, although I have a proper fountain pen filled with blue ink, which I love to use for signing letters.
  • RedRed
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    I write via the keyboard. TNR or Arial only and always black. Only when I make notes do I use a pen. Black or blue only, or pencil. And I always edit with a red pen. No other colour will do, it has to be red.
  • Most of my story writing is typed on the laptop in either Time New Roman or Arial, but if I do write by hand I used blue or black, whichever is at hand at the time.
  • If I'm writing in a notebook, it's usually black. But since I have purple fountain pens, and now an aqua one to match from Paperchase, I use them.

    But I prefer writing straight onto a keyboard on a size 12 TNR font on about 120% (Cos otherwise I can't see it) because I'm lazy writing it out twice. If it's a short I'd rather handwrite it then edit it, otherwise I'll type it. Late at night. Between 12am and 4am.
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