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signing out

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is there any way i can sign out of talkback? yesterday I just pressed back to writers online and when i got there i was already signed out of that as well which seems a bit odd.


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    Top right just under the dark blue bit I can see "signed in as Lizy (Sign Out)"
    Perhaps you have the same and that will work?
  • Thank you! I think I found it as soon as I'd posted my question. Typical...
  • Why would you want to sign out? I just stay signed in, then I don't have to sign in wen I come on the next day. Or the next time I visit in about an hour.

    *Thinks* Hmmm - maybe that would be a way of keeping me off this here site?
  • [quote=Liz]Why would you want to sign out?[/quote]

    It's a definite yes from me to signing out.

    My children may say inappropriate things or tell you lot stuff about me you really don't want clogging up your minds with.
  • Aaah... I didn't think of that. Only me on this computer. Yes, if anyone else could read my stuff I guess I'd sign out... Actually, at a conference someone asked to see my ipad and i found they were reading my entries on a forum!
  • I have found that simply closing the page automatically signs me out anyway, as I always have to sign back in again. It is advisable to sign out in the proper manner anyway on any internet site in order to prevent any possible unwanted intrusion by anyone who shouldn't have access.
  • I'm guilty of being lazy and always staying signed in - so if you read funny stuff from me be assured it's the cats at the keyboard not me!
  • [quote=Liz]Why would you want to sign out? [/quote]
    [quote=dora]My children may say inappropriate things [/quote]
    For those of you who did not meet me in Bath when I was lucky enough to venture that way (almost this time last year, as a matter of fact) you would know that I ALWAYS sign out of TB. Liz, you should remember this!!!
    I once trotted off for a while and left my laptop open. I returned to it just a few minutes later and found to my horror that the Chief had typed up a very 'poetic' comment (blah, blah, blah something rhyming with 'you' and 'poo') and was just about to hit the 'Post your comments' button. :rolleyes: Ever since that day I have made it a priority to always sign out.
  • Hehe, I do remember now! But we would have known it wasn't you. And we would have got to know the Chief a whole lot better.
  • Hehehe, not terribly confident about your first comment, and nervously horrified at the second.
  • LOL! He's LOVELY. When have you ever used the word 'poo' or anything like it? You are the respectable face of Australia.
  • Not that Australia is not respectable.
  • I always sign out of TB unless I've opened a second tab, so I can copy and paste a post from somewhere else to Talkback, but once that's complete I'll sign out.

    It's unfortunate that sometimes you have apps that will gather info on anything that is open on your computer.
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    [quote=Island Girl]something rhyming with 'you' and 'poo')[/quote]

    I am now wracking my brain for an inappropriate word rhyming with you and poo.
    I will not be able to sleep tonight.
  • I always sign out - I thought if you didn't it was like going to the shops and leaving the back door open
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    I'd never leave the door to my back passage open.

    You never know what on earth is going to blow in, do you?
  • [quote=Lizy]wracking my brain for an inappropriate word rhyming with you and poo[/quote]
    Hehehe, you goose. :D I do hope you eventually got to sleep. What I meant by my comment is that the Chief's repertoire only runs to basic schoolyard poo-bum-wee words and that on that particular occasion the poem he'd written into my open comments box actually did include the words 'you' and 'poo', along with a few others. (For the record, I try to avoid using the word poo in my poetry, Lizy.)
  • Despite me being a nincompoop, and my pooch being a poodle cross, it's spooky how I manage to avoid poo - and only the cesspool of poorest writers would use poo in their words.
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