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My first rejection letter.

edited August 2012 in - Writing Tales
I've just received my first rejection letter.

“Thanks a lot for your submission to xxx - unfortunately it wasn't selected for publication in this instance.
Thanks again for taking the time to submit, and best of luck with your writing in the future.”

Well, I didn’t want to publish my story with them anyway. *goes away in a huff*

Anyway I think this calls for a celebration. It proof of being a writer, isn't it? Shall we have some champagne?


  • *Pulls up sleeves* who was, it StF, WHO was it, I'll, I'll, well, I'll just stick my tongue out at 'em. Here, 'POP* have a BIG glass on me!
  • RedRed
    edited August 2012
    One magazine/agents/publication's rejection letter is another's pot of gold. Rejig and submit elsewhere.
  • That makes you a professional, StF! Until you've had the publisher's sand kicked in your face, you're a rank amateur! I'll pop a cork and drink to that!
    Liz, I'll blow a raspberry duet with you in their direction.
  • Wait until you have enough of them to wallpaper the loo, then you really know you're a writer! Don't let it get you down. Enjoy your virtual bubbly.
  • I'm already tiddly on your behalf, StF. Their loss.

    Cheers, m'dears! Bottoms up and all that mullarkey!!
  • You'll have to frame it, StF, and keep it as a memento to chuckle at when you're raking in the millions.
  • Commiserations stf.
  • No published writer ever got where they are today without a rejection slip or two. So congratulations, St Force, you're on your way!

    Although they smart a bit, rejections don't actually hurt, so dust yourself down, enjoy that virtual Champers, and work out where you're going to send your work next. Good luck!
  • That's two people who have mentioned "virtual champers"/
    What's wrong with the real stuff, I have to ask?
    Cheers and commiserations, StF - definitely frame it. I couldn't fit mine in a frame - I'd need an album.
  • Well done StF.
    There will never be another 'first' rejection letter again. :)
  • Well done on a great attitude towards your first rejection, StF!

    Seeing the positives side is the best way for us writers to approach these things - and there's nowt negative about enjoying a good old glass of bubbly. Well, apart from the hangover if you forget to stop at one. :)
  • Wave your rejection letter with pride - frame it - glorify it. It's a triumph - it means you've written something you're happy with and you've had the bottle to send it out. Well done and better luck next time.
  • Well done, Stf!
    I was much, much older than you before I received that first great accolade.
    There will be many more of those to come (unless you give up, which of course you won't) BUT in amongst them there will be the occasional shining gem of an acceptance and the previous rejections will crumble into dust.
  • [quote=St Force]Anyway I think this calls for a celebration.[/quote] Me too. Well done for sending something out. Now do it again. And again. And again.
  • [quote=Betsie]Wave your rejection letter with pride - frame it - glorify it. It's a triumph - it means you've written something you're happy with and you've had the bottle to send it out.[/quote]
    Well said, Betsie
    Join the club, StF - Hic!
  • Congratulations! I was overjoyed with my first rejection- now, well, let's just say I'm less and less thrilled each time another one comes in. But at least there are some acceptances in the mix! Keep submitting :)
  • That sounds a polite one. Keep on sending out.
  • At least you got a reply, St Force! I've heard of so many people who haven't even received a polite 'no' ... and of some who have received just the word 'no' !

    The first short story I sent to a publisher was rejected. I sent them another a year later and it was included in an anthology for young adults - so it is worth having a thick skin.
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