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10 books you should never pick up

edited September 2012 in - Reading

Got this from my friend in Australia. The lists people have sent in are interesting/diverse/plain daft* (* delete according to personal taste).


  • Hmmm. It seems that the lists comprise of 'I didn't like this book, so I think no-one else should read it too.'

    I was amused by the first list, all classics, except the obligatory 50SoG. :D
  • Emma I love.
    I agree about The Hobbit and understand why people mention the lord of the rings. Games of Thrones- I started ti read them and love them but need time to read a series. Can understand about Laurel K Hamilton Anita Blake but started reading from beginning and hooked
    I have lord of the flies to read on my bookshelf
  • I loved the Hobbit as a child, and still love it. As do millions of others, of course. And Lord of the Rings.

    Lord of the Flies is one book I do not read again - not because it isn't a brilliant allegory of how man can be... but because it is a brilliant allegory of how man can be. I find it intensely upsetting. But I'm glad I read it once.

    I suppose a list of books people didn't like, as long as there are reasons so you can make up your own mind, makes as much sene as a list of books that they did like.
  • [quote=Jen]Laurel K Hamilton Anita Blake but started reading from beginning and hooked[/quote]

    I think I got to about book 12 and gave up as she hardly moved off her back all through it, turned into too much soft porn for me.

    Just about to start with game of thrones.
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