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FREE Escape to the Country FREE

edited October 2012 in - Writing Tales
The e version of my book will be available FREE on 4th & 5th October.

Please download it as soon as you see it for free (you don't need a kindle to get or read it) and please do anything you can to help spread the word. I'll be tweeting and making facebook posts tomorrow so retweeting, liking and sharing will be a big help. If you have time to do your own tweets or blog posts that'd be fantastic.



Please do download it.

Thanks for your support!


  • Yes! It's a lovely read, perfect for an afternoon on the sofa. Grab a good read and enjoy it.
  • I really enjoyed it, too. Hope you get lots of downloads, PM.
  • am putting on my kindle as soon as - great read everyone
  • I've just looked and it's not free yet. Have emailed the publisher but don't suppose I'll get a response until I get home from the day job. It's annoying.
  • Downloaded and spreading the word :)
  • Just downloaded it!
  • [quote=SuzieW]Downloaded and spreading the word[/quote]

    Me too!
  • I've blogged about it in my latest post, Patsy.
  • I've Tweeted my review!
  • Thank you all so much for your support! It's working - the book is currently No 33 in free downloads which I'm jolly chuffed about!
  • Have just downloaded it and am going to have a read. Looking forward to reading it. Have also liked.
  • I've forwarded your email on to anyone I can think might download it. For anyone on the fence, it's a lovely story and truly perfect to enjoy snuggled up on the sofa with a glass of wine or a bar of chocolate or both.
  • edited October 2012
    Downloaded just now.
    Going to have an early night and read it - when have found Kindle !
    Tweeted/Liked also
  • Downloaded it and look forward to reading it.
  • Thanks everyone! I'm currently at No. 17. Very pleased with that.
  • I've just downloaded it on to my phone. Will read it on the train. Good luck Phot.
  • I'm at No5 now. Really excited!!!!
  • Dunnit.
  • Hope you're reminding people on Twitter and Facebook that they only have x hours left to download it for free...:)
  • OK, all systems go to get you to that number one spot!

  • It's on my kindle!
  • Thanks everyone who downloaded it. If any of you have the time to post a review on Amazon or Goodreads that would be great - and thanks to those who've already done this.

    I've read that free promotions can boost sales, not sure about that but I think there must now be a few more people who've heard of me and that's a good thing for a writer. If I can get figures for number of downloads and info on if this does help my sales then I'll let you know.
  • I'm sure you'll see a sales for your other book as a result, and getting your name known wider is important.
  • Most definitely - it's all about marketing.
  • Just heard that 3967 copies were downloaded. I don't know what's usual for these things, but that sounds like quite a lot to me.
  • Sounds like a lot to me too. Fantastic news well done.
  • That's a good number, PM.
  • That's an AMAZING number, PM.
    Well done !
  • I've already had one review from the give away - it nearly made me cry as the reader seemed to feel exactly how I hope people will feel after reading one of my stories. Plus she gave me 5 stars which is always nice.
  • Just nipped to Amazon to read it - what a lovely review.
  • Cracking review PM and a good numberof downloads. Let us know if it gives your sales a boost.
  • what a fantastic figure, Phots - well done everyone for downloading a great novel
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