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Choice of agents

edited November 2012 in - Writing Tales
I always submit to agents who are members of the Association of Authors' Agents, taking it as a sign of professionalism, and never to those who have no web site.

Do my fellow writers have any help to give about this? Do you have have favourable or unfavourable experiences of submitting to agents in the above categories?


  • The only bad experience I have had - apart from a string of rejections - was with Inspira Group, who are charlatans and no longer in the Writers and Artists Yearbook.
  • Lizy

    Thank you. If I ever come across them, I'll give them a wide berth. Think I'm going to try an agent who's not a member of the Association. They do have an informative web site.
  • Best of luck, Lah-tay, and take care.
    when I was looking to place my first novel I rapidly ran out of "starred" agents who would even consider fantasy, which is how I ended up in the clutches of Inspira.
    It cost me £350 before I realised my mistake.
  • Always check for adverse comments appearing on writers sites- google them.

    But just because an agent isn't a member of the AAA, it doesn't mean they aren't any good. Some are small agencies, or in the early stages of getting going.

    Always ask questions, and don't sign anything unless you are happy with them after you've met them and talked to them.
    Trust your instincts.
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