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I am looking for an informal writing group, or taught group somewhere in Central or South London ( I live in Croydon, work at London Bridge) I am very limited for time - having two toddlers and working full-time. I am finding it very hard to get much writing done, especially as it gets colder in the mornings. In the summer I can get up at 5 and do an hour's work before I have to get girls ready for nursery, and me for work, but can't seem to get out of bed this early in winter.
Does anyone know of a good group I could join where I would at least be forced to finish something every week. A lot of the groups I've seen are on quite late in the evening which is a bit much for me. I did a course at the Mary Ward Centre in Holborn a few years back which was excellent. Will try there again if nothing else, but would prefer a more informal group of writers just discussing work and getting on with the writing for each week.
Doesn't have to be a weekly group. Fortnightly or monthly would be OK. Would prefer a face-to-face group over online, as I don't get out much either at the moment, although if anyone has a good online recommendation I'd also be grateful.
Thanks, in advance,
Rob Yaxley


  • There's a list of writing groups here - can't guarantee it'll help though!
  • Can't help with the writing group but I did a couple of courses at City Lit which were helpful. I've also done some at Mary Ward (love their canteen). After the course a few of us got together to meet up once a month (on Sunday afternoon) to critique each others writing. There were eight of us to begin with but sadly most dropped out. I still keep in touch with a couple of writers from there but no meetings. :-(
    If you do a course do try to keep in touch with the other students as these can help with motivation.
    All the best.
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    I am marvelling here, at you rising at 5am to write despite having young children and working full-time. Phew. do you ever have time to breath? How would you attend a day time group if you work full-time though?

    Sorry I can't help with the writing group as I don't live in your area but if it's motivation you need, then you may like to look at

    We've just finished running two free entry competitions and are planning several more for 2013, some at free entry and others with a fee involved. Aiming to write for competitions is one way to motivate yourself to write, in order to meet the deadlines.

    You can find details of a short story course there too or whisper your email address if you want me to email you with details.

    Trying to think of motivational techniques for you - have you tried the six monthly challenge that was on TB some time ago?

    edited to say - have searched and brought the thread back up for you.
  • Good luck finding a group, Robert. But don't forget, Talkback can be very motivating too so even if you don't get time to go to a writer's group, you'll find your output and motivation increases just by being in contact with other writers here - I know mine has.

    You can search by genre, or area.
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