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Kindle Select

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Have any of you folk promoted your ebooks on Kindle Select? What was your experience of it? Worthwhile?
I'm not sure that I like the idea of withdrawing a book from all other outlets but I'm wondering whether I should sell my soul and try it with Bunderlin
Rob Crompton


  • A few TB's have used it- I know there were threads about it.

    Personally I feel you have to look at your individual circumstances.

    What sort of sales are you getting from each outlet?

    Do you have more than one book available to buy?
    If you only have one then you want get any knock-on effect of people trying your book and then deciding to buy your other books.

    Only you can decide the pros and cons for your particular situation.
  • My publisher has run two free promotions of Escape to the Country using Select. After both the sales of my book did rise a bit and the promotion itself meant thousands of people downloaded it which might help raise my profile. Since then though (in the last few days) he's removed all the books he's published from Select and is offering them via other outlets, so presumably he thinks the benefits of Select aren't worth having to be exclusive to Amazon.
  • Check this thread, too, Eddisbury. There's a lot of info on it.

  • Thanks, folks, for your comments. I think I'll hold off at least for a while - especially as Bunderlin still has a 100% discount voucher running until the end of December.
    Very interesting, Patsy, that your publisher has withdrawn from Select.
  • I've been in KDP Select for just over a year now with two of my books. At first, the effect was fantastic. I went from selling a few books each month to selling hundreds after a free promotion. That would drop off after about four weeks, but sales would still be better than before. These days the after effects of free promotions are less. You have to hit the top 100 free during your promotion to really get any benefit afterwards, and that's pretty hard unless one of the big sites promotes your book. This is partly because Amazon has changed how it works and partly because people are getting a bit overloaded with free books, I think.

    However, I'm still not pulling out of KDP Select just yet anyway because of the other benefit - lending. So far this month I've lent 8 books. The average I get for a lend is $2.00, so I'm getting extra income from those. I haven't managed to sell anything through Smashwords and its other outlets (on my non-Select books) for 6 months, so Select is still the go for me.
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