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Bologna Children's Book Fair

edited December 2012 in Writing
Would anyone know if it is possible and acceptable to pitch stories to agents attending the Bologna Children's Book Fair in Italy? I write children's stories and live a couple of hours away from Bologna. Any advice will be very much appreciated.


  • Sorry, don't know the answer.

    But I suggest you look up any agents you're interested in and check with their agency- they may do them with an appointment system, or not at all.
  • Do you have tickets to attend? These things are usually by ticket/invitation. The London one is anyway. I'll ask on FB, lots of publishers there.
  • Ok, two authors/artists have replied - I do know this actually as one publisher I visited wanted me to change my picture book theme so she could tout it at the next year's Bologna and it would be different to that year's theme. (I didn't, as the theme was the flippin' point of the book).

    Jackie Marchant: I think agents are most likely to be booked up with pre-arranged appointments. I'd suggest she approaches them in the normal way, but can mention that she lives near Bologna.
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    Mark Burgess: I agree with Jackie. Most agents will be at Bologna to sell stuff, not take on new clients, and I shouldn't think they would go for a sales pitch approach.
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  • Thanks Carol, and to Liz for taking the trouble to find out for me.

    It does seem to appear that the book fair leans towards the trade side of things although I know tickets are available. It was just an idea.

    Kind regards,
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