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Would anyone mind . . .

edited February 2013 in - Reading
. . . being a test reader for a short story please? I'll have to email it as a PDF, so if you are interested whisper your email address to me. I'm planning on submitting it to Running Out of Ink, so obviously nobody involved in that publication :) I want to make sure I haven't missed any words out, made typos I haven't spotted yet, etc.


  • Can't help you personally, TS, - but bringing this back to the front page in case anyone else can. (Of course, you may have had some whispers.)
  • Thanks, Claudia, I appreciate that.

    I was just coming to say thank you to those who have taken time out to read it and given their feedback. I'm over the moon with the positivity. Reminds me why I write when I get a good reaction from an impartial reader :)

    So, next step is to submit!
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