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WM newsletters



  • I don't think I'm meant to read one.
  • [quote=snailmale]My 'Writers' Online' has turned up OK, but I'm not a trouble-maker. [/quote]

    Mine hasn't. I'm going to scream and scream and scream till I'm sick.
    (Or maybe that was the half of a tart with raspberry sauce under a creme brulee topping that I've just consumed.)
  • [quote=Tiny Nell]I've got my newsletter. I shall devour every word.[/quote]

    Shouldn't this be on the 'Scoff' thread?
  • I want to read one.
  • I've not actually read mine, I'm just happy in the knowledge that it's arrived without me making a fuss.
  • Baggy - I'm really confused. As you are a subscriber, you should only need to type in your surname, postcode and account number, then the system will fill in your other details automatically when you click "Find my account", then "Update". It looks like it already has an account for you though.
  • Don't be smug, SM, it's unbecoming. I'm not making a fuss. I'm feeling unloved. Deprived. Left out.
    You've got one that you haven't read, I can't read one I haven't got. Two sides of but a single coin.
  • I feel the same. Only more so. I tend to exaggerate.
  • edited March 2013
    Mrs B, Missy BB - have forwarded it on to you. Hope you enjoy - let me know if it doesn't come.
    Now to investigate our neverending tech quagmire.
  • *glad he's no trouble to anyone*
  • *chuckles*

    I've just received an email from a Mr Webbo - it begins...Dear Peter

    So Willy must be Webbo's first name?

    *wonders who Peter is*
  • *looks under table, finds no Peter*
  • Thanks, Webbo - I'll listen for the ping of Thunderbird telling me it's here. Good luck with the technicals. Computers are designed to make all our lives simple and uncomplicated; the gap between design and completion, however, is a wide one.
  • http://www.beaconrcc.org.uk/message_board/images/smiles/icon_roll.gif
  • *sighs*

    The email:

    Dear Helen Baggott,

    You are receiving this email as your friend Mr Webbo with the email address [email protected] chose to forward it to you. They also included the following message:

    "Hope you get this"

    When I clicked on the view online thingy:

    Dear Peter,

    Well, another busy month at Writers Online...
  • *thinks S & M is just showing off*
  • edited March 2013
    If you've got it, flaunt it.

    *Saves email to savour later.*
  • *sulks and watches Flog It!*

    I've had it for today.
  • Mine actually starts 'Dear Alan, well, another busy month at Writers's on Line.' its only a short Mail,. Not expecting War and Peace were you? Perhaps Peter's died and Webbo sent you the spare to keep you quiet.
  • That is the expected behaviour BB - the newsletter gets sent out in bulk, but has an option to "Forward to a friend", which is how I sent it on to you. But that doesn't generate a newsletter for you, just copies the one that was sent to me, so it knows your name at the top (cos I told it!) but can't actually amend the real content (starting "Dear Peter").

    To receive the newsletter normally, we need to get you signed up: did you see my post higher up about only inputting your surname, postcode and account number? If you already have an account with Writers Online, log in first, then go to "View account" to signup.
  • Don't let it spoil your holiday, Webbo, BB will be wallowing down the pub within the hour, all will be forgotten.
  • I got mine: *rushes round with newsletter in mouth, wagging tail and yipping.*
    I don't even care who Dear Peter is.
  • Well at least you can see it for now, until we get the proper list sorted.
    Have a great Easter break everybody!
  • I think Peter is Brian's cousin twice removed.
  • You'd need Pickfords to remove Brian from what I understand.
  • Is he an over-eater then?
  • edited March 2013
    This is Brian, pictured before you joined TN.

    Not much left to say...
  • I've not had a newsletter.
  • [quote=snailmale]This is Brian, pictured before you joined TN.[/quote]

  • [quote=Phots Moll]I've not had a newsletter.[/quote]

    I've forwarded mine, it was bad enough Baggy throwing her toys out of the pram.
  • edited March 2013
    [quote=Tiny Nell]Ooo-er.[/quote]

    That was 12 months back, dread to think what it's like now.
  • If that thing cut loose, we'd all be postable.
  • *wonders if Brian will be at Honiton...*
  • Thanks, Snailmale - I got your forwarded copy.
  • [quote=Webbo]we need to get you signed up[/quote]


    [quote=Webbo]did you see my post higher up[/quote]


    Tried that.

    [quote=snailmale]all will be forgotten.[/quote]

    Do you really believe that?

    [quote=Tiny Nell]Ooo-er.[/quote]

    Impressive, isn't he?

    [quote=snailmale]I've forwarded mine, it was bad enough Baggy throwing her toys out of the pram.[/quote]


    *wonders why I didn't get that kind of offer*
  • [quote=Baggy Books]*wonders why I didn't get that kind of offer*[/quote]

    It was such an obvious thing to do I never thought about it. Anyway, you were enjoying being hard done by.

    [quote=Phots Moll]Thanks, Snailmale - I got your forwarded copy.[/quote]

    I'm starting at WM after Easter as Webbo's PA. Rubbish salary, but fantastic expenses.
  • [quote=snailmale]I'm starting at WM after Easter as Webbo's PA. Rubbish salary, but fantastic expenses.[/quote]

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