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Having been assured the weather in Beverley was to be spring-like, and without showers, I brought my mobility scooter out of hibernation the other day and sped off to THE TREASURE HOUSE which is indeed a wonderful place. A modern style building it houses many interesting places; a gallery and museum, research room with computers, local history room, a place to search for your family tree and a caf


  • Erm.. Thats MY Treasure House, MINE! thank you ;) *Ahem* - Lovely ladies in the coffee shop. Lift always wakes the toddler when I sneak in to grab a few minutes writing.
    I used to go to the writers group there. It disbanded just over a 18 months ago. I always go to the Lit festival.

    I haven't encountered the book. I have read one novel by joint authors. The Golden Key, introduced me to Kate Elliott and Jennifer Roberson. I was already a fan of Melanie Rawn. It has bee some time since I have read it. Love it to bits. Specfiction that leans on historical.
  • I've no objection to reading work written by joint authors although generally when I do it's non fiction. (Probably just because there's not that much fiction written by co authors)

    I wouldn't want to write that way though, I don't think.
  • If this is Beverley in East Yorkshire I will have to take a trip down there as I am only in Bridlington. Sounds like a lovely place to spend a few hours. :)
  • It is indeed a lovely place - most of the time. I second that motion a meet up would be a great idea.
  • It is Beverley East Yorkshire! A meet would be lovely - and the coffee shop really is great, though sometimes the weather is not so good. I guess we could have a lively chat at the Treasure House some day. I have only lived here for just over a year and have not managed to meet any other writing addicts so far.
    I think I agree with Phots Moll in that I do not believe I could co-author anything. Once I have 'finished' something whatever that might mean I do not really care to change things too much.
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