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Uni results for semester two

edited June 2013 in - Writing Tales
Yesterday I picked up the results for my three modules I’ve been studying this semester. Poetry, Performance and Writing the Short Film.

Poetry – 71% (My Portfolio consisted of two Sonnets, a collection of Hakui poems and three Ballads.)

Performance – 62% (The play was performed to a small audience by professional actors and will be performed at the Chelsea Theatre later in the year. None of that effects my grade we were judge on the quality of the play and actor feedback.)

Writing the short film – 61% (It was meant to be a comedy set in a Uni pub but my lecture said it wasn’t nearly as funny. He also pointed out tons of plot holes which no one noticed before. Despite all this he still awarded me a high mark because it was well written.)

Poetry I received a first and Performance and Short Film I was given a 2:1. The pass mark to continue into the next year is 40% so I should be completely fine.



  • Well done, St F. Onwards and upwards!
  • Well done, Jack! Results to be proud of! :)
  • Well done. :)
  • Fantastic, StF, very pleased for you. :D
  • Well done and good luck for next year..
  • Very well done, StF.

    Keep up the good work!
  • Fantastic results, StF. Well done, you!!
  • Well done, StF!
  • Well done, StF - proud of you! When you look back to this time last year, you can see how far you've come - in leaps and bounds!
  • What the lady Bear said.

    Damned fine results if I do say so myself. ;)
  • Well done! This is a great start.
  • Good news, StF, and well done.
  • Well done!

    I'm writing a story featuring some uni students and your post title got me thinking. Do students now refer to semesters rather than terms? When I was at uni many years ago we rarely used the word semester which I thought was more of an American term.
  • We used to call ours Michaelmas, Lent and Easter terms.
  • Well done and well deserved, StF!
  • [quote=DeneBebbo] Do students now refer to semesters rather than terms?[/quote]

    I used both (just finished "mature" degree). Two semesters a year, so terms fall within these. You can return after end of term and still be in the same semester...multiples terms in semesters.
  • Well done, StF - keep up the excellent work!
  • Ummm... pardon this Brit for being slightly 'hignorant' of college-speak, but...what the heck is a semester, when it's at home, please?

    Is it yet another adopted Americanism for "full/half term", mayhaps? If so, why do we now speak colonial English, instead of native? ;-)
  • Semester just means 6 months...not American.
  • Congratulations, stf! Well done!
  • In my Uni we have always called our terms semesters. In school we called them terms and in a few universities I know of they call them terms. It might just be us. A semester in this case means around 6months which include the start and end of a module. A term lasts until you have a long period of time off such as Easter.
  • Congratulations StF! Well done and good luck for next year.
  • What a pleasure to try out all those genres. Well done.
  • Keep up the good work.
  • Well done St F.
  • Congratulations on good results from all the hard work, St F!
  • My son has just graduated from John Moores Uni, and they use the term 'semester' (forgive the pun). In his case it meant Sept-Xmas, Jan-May.
  • Well done stf!
  • Well done St. Force. Keep it up! Haven't seen you on Twitter recently. Working too hard?
  • Congratulations SF!
  • Well done ST.F. Thanks for sharing this news with us.
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