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I was 'deep in the meadows', (Homer) sitting on a tree stump, in the hedgerow, sheltering from the downpour under an ash yesterday when a roe deer plunged onto the path. He stood, antlers and all about two metres away and we just stared at each other until he bounded into the tall grass.

Reference; Perennial Classics, The Odyssey of Homer, Ed. Lattimore R.


  • Lovely vision Patricia, and could very well inspire the artistic person.

    After reading an entry in the OWC, is the above as innocent as it reads. :)
  • I did'nt finish reading OWC about the deer ... ?
  • Don't keep me wondering, Maro, what the ecky thump happened?????????????
  • Not a pretty ending, toothlight. The story was posted earlier this month, not for the faint hearted.

    [quote=Patricia Lesley] did'nt finish reading OWC about the deer ... ?[/quote]
    Can't say I'm surprised.
  • Wonderful imagery, PL.
  • Reminds me of Ted Hughes' gorgeous poem http://poetryinpubs.blogspot.co.uk/2009/12/roe-deer-by-ted-hughes.html
  • I like his phrase, 'secret deerhood' verse three.
  • I like his phrase, verse three, 'secret deerhood'.
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