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eBook publishing. Good or Bad?

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I have only recently begun to write and whilst I have a couple of novellas finished I am uncertain of the pitfalls of publishing directly to Amazon in Kindle format and selling myself.

I have no publisher/agent or any other advisors so would I be stupid to self publish direct to Kindle?

Look forward to some responses.


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    I'm not being unkind, but if you've only recently begun to write, then you are not ready to self-publish.

    How long have you been writing, grantharper?

    You say you've got a couple of novellas finished, what genre, length? How much editing have you done, or have you had someone edit them for you?

    Sorry, forgot to say hello- forgive me my bluntness, not a good day for me today.
  • Hi and welcome!

    Lots of informative and helpful threads on here about self-publishing - have a look around and ask away.

    Many TBers have used Kindle and CreateSpace - the good, the bad and the ugly...
  • Hi grantharper - welcome to talkback.
    Have you tried to get an agent or publisher for your novellas?
    Have you had anything published?
    If you are quite new to writing and are currently unpublished I'd say it would be wise to get some opinions and experience before you go the self-publishing route.
    As Baggy Books says - there are lots of informative threads on here about self-publishing. Do a few Searches.
    Bear in mind that self-publishing might initially appear easier than finding an agent or publisher, but really it's not for the faint hearted.
    Good luck and look forward to seeing you around.
  • Hi Grant, welcome to TB. Lots on here to read!

    It is worth getting some feedback before getting anything published - not only does writing improve with practise, but your own knowledge of what is publishable. Of course what you have written may be brilliant. But that would be unusual.
  • Hello Grant, and welcome. There's finished and there's finished; so much of what's e-published is badly formatted, badly punctuated, and full of typos. If you want readers to come back to you, you need to present your work in as perfect and polished a format as possible. If you are new to writing you probably don't realise how much work that takes - nobody does at first. At the top of this page is an ad for having your work critiqued - it's very reasonable and would give you a lot of valuable feedback. Why not give it a go? There's also an app you can download to tell you how to go about e-publishing. I think it's free, but you need to check.
    Whatever you do, keep writing, and good luck!
  • [quote=Mrs Bear]so much of what's e-published is badly formatted, badly punctuated, and full of typos[/quote]

    The (virtual) shelves at Amazon are littered with them.

    Big tip - don't rush to publish.
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