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My book is FREE on Amazon this weekend.Reviews needed please!

edited November 2013 in Writing
My book is FREE to download this weekend and I really would appreciate it if anyone has time to read and review it for Amazon please.
It tells my thoughts, feelings and ramblings about living with the illness ME/CFS for 15 years. It also contains some poems about this too.
If anyone else wishes me to review their books in return I am more than happy to help.

(If anyone wishes to share the link etc on their social media sites I would be grateful.)


  • Can't promise when but will put on my to do list. I've read the sample and appreciate the effort it must have taken to write.
  • Gina, I've posted my review on Amazon. I found the book very readable and enlightening. It gives a lot of insight into the condition, but it's a human story at the same time. I was incensed by ATOS, delighted when you had a good day, and grateful that you've got such a lovely husband.

    I wonder if you've tried probiotics http://gizmodo.com/how-eating-the-right-bacteria-could-give-your-body-supe-910767804 Apparently beneficial bacteria outnumber our own cells 10:1. If you've had antibiotics in the past it could have wiped out a lot of your guests and thrown you right out of balance. Just a thought.
  • Thank you Ana, it was a wonderful review! I am so pleased it got across what I was intending. I will look into the probiotics. I did take them once but t was a long time ago and I can't remember what effect they had.

    Thanks again. :)
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