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Looking for an eye-catching name for conversation classes

edited November 2013 in Writing
Hi, I'm starting my own conversation classes for English Philology students here in Poland in two weeks and am currently working on a poster which would enable me to spread the word and attract more participants. Problem is, I need a strong, eye-catching title and "conversation classes" seems too boring, derivative and simply too long... I've been thinking of "conversatorium", however, I can hardly find such a word in the (or any, for that matter) dictionary, so I thought that maybe some of you would perhaps be able to either tell me whether there even is such a word as "conversatorium" or to perhaps suggest some other name for the classes? The idea of the classes is, by the way, that the students of English come without any preparation and talk under my supervision about whatever they want, with feedback and error correction sessions every 15 minutes or so; I'm still a student myself, so my role will be more as a facilitator than a teacher per se. I came up with the idea in order to give the students some respite from the typical, tedious lecture format. Alas, my university is more concerned with pumping into us knowledge about poststructuralism and Canadian drama rather than actually teaching us how to speak English. Don't get me wrong, I do love many of the topics we cover (such as postmodernism or some African plays dealing with aparthaid), but the priorities here are all wrong and as a member of the English Philology Club I came up with the initiative to try and change that, at least to some extent.

All ideas and suggestions will be deeply appreciated! ;)


  • There's no such word in the Oxford English Dictionary, Shine; but you know, you could do worse than calling it 'Talkback'! (Official meaning, from the OED: a two-way conversation by loud speaker. I didn't know that.) Or Talk Back, to refer to the talking and the feedback.
  • I had to look up Philology.

    The trouble with original, eye catching words is that people may not understand their meaning (particularly those who feel the ned to improve their skills in the language - and those are probably the very people you wish to attract) You don't want people to see the poster yet still be unaware of what you're offering.

    Classes sounds formal and if you're not actually going to teach it's also a little misleading. How about just conversation, or conversation group?
  • Speakeasy?
  • I worked briefly in an English Language School called 'Chit Chat' because lessons were conversation-based.
  • Thank you all for your opinions, I think I'm gonna go with the simple "conversation group" after all.
  • "wonders if SDN is real"

    All that erudite verbiage in the first two posts and then "I'm gonna go"?
  • :) @ Lizy

    Me thinks Webbo and his team had a 'conversation' and as a result, gave birth to a rainbow.

    Welcome SDN.
  • All talk. But Talkback isa better.
  • [quote=Lizy]All that erudite verbiage in the first two posts and then "I'm gonna go"?[/quote] The power of TB.
  • It's quite an achievement in another language to be erudite and then also able to talk colloquially - correctly.

    I'd go with 'conversation class' because it is alliterative.
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