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For those who are interested

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This morning my author interview appears on http://carpinelloswritingpages.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/meet-middle-grade-author-helen-laycock.html Cheryl Carpinello's blog about children's fiction.


  • Excellent - I will enjoy reading it later.
  • TN, the link takes you to the blog but shows an error message saying 'the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.'
  • Oh no!

    I noticed a sly comma which I have removed. I hope that works!
  • It works - I'll read it at lunchtime.
  • Great interview, TN. Really interesting reading and brilliant one line hooks for your other books.

    Fantastic exposure. Although I know you on here, I know a lot more about you now. :)

    Well done.
  • Great interview. Your book, Glass Dreams, sounds interesting :)
  • [quote=Tristram_Shandy]Your book, Glass Dreams, sounds interesting[/quote]

    That's my favourite one!
  • I'm mentioned in there, so I think it 's an EXTRA fabulous interview.
  • Well done, will read later when I have some quiet time.
  • Lovely piece, enjoyed reading about you!
  • Brilliant! Whetted my appetite :) I have an eight year old daughter (reading age about three years older) who is struggling to find books that are age appropriate but at her reading level (she quite likes some Berlie Doherty, is quite stuck on Enid Blyton, Jeremy Strong, etc.,) - do you reckon your books would be right for her, or are the themes too grown up? She's quite sensitive and immature when it comes to grittiness (I've judged that she isn't even quite ready for Harry Potter with the poltergeists or she might as well take up permanent residence in my bed).
  • Well, my books are aimed at your daughter's age group, Abster. In fact, a couple have been likened (in a good way!) to those of Enid Blyton - Salt and Mandrake's Plot. No, there are no grown up themes. They are your typical old-fashioned mystery/adventures - no sex, no swearing, no violence, no ghosts!

    If you'd like to read a bit more about them, I have left snippets on my kindleboards links. I'll see if I can paste them here for you. Just scroll through all my adverts until you see something informative!


    Mandrake's Plot

    Glass Dreams

    The Secret of Pooks Wood

    Martha and Mitch

    Song of the Moon

    Mr Charlie Chumpkins

    The Further Mishaps of Charlie Chumpkins

    They are all ebooks, I should add!
  • Golly, TN! And you talk about me being prolific!

    I bow before you.

  • *bows equally deeply*

    -and that's not all of them!
  • TN, you're too modest - you really ought to have blown your trumpet (in the none farting sense) a lot more on here.
  • OK, while I've got my trumpet to my lips, I'll throw in the rest...

    For adults:

    Peace and Disquiet (a short story collection)

    Light Bites (another short story collection)

    A Bellyful of Laughs (Funny poetry for adults)

    For children:

    A Mouthful of Chuckles (Funny poetry for children)
  • Interesting article. Congratulations.
  • You'll enjoy it. I did!

    I think that competition is the Times one isn't it?
  • Ah, trumpets. A wise poet acquaintance of mine once said, "You might not like to blow your own trumpet but at least show people you've got one." I just wish I had something to trumpet about like you, TN. I need to pull my finger out nevermind the trumpet.
  • [quote=Tristram_Shandy]I need to pull my finger out [/quote]

    Therein lies your problem, TS. You need to leave the hole free.

    I have gift-wrapped a kazoo and it's winging its way to you.
  • TN, you're a star! A literary star bearing wind instruments. If that kazoo doesn't get people's attention when I've finished my masterpiece, I don't know what will :)
  • [quote=Tristram_Shandy]You might not like to blow your own trumpet but at least show people you've got one[/quote]

    I hope that's not a euphemism for something.
  • [quote=Tristram_Shandy]at least show people you've got one[/quote]

    [quote=Onlinegenie]I hope that's not a euphemism for something.[/quote]


    Count yourselves lucky.
  • edited December 2013
    That's an impressive list, Tiny Nell.

    p.s. nice interview too :)
  • edited December 2013
    Not only an impressive list, but she's a mere child as well.

    Think what she'll have achieved by the time she's as old as some of us.

  • [quote=Lizy]she's a mere child [/quote]

    I wish...

    I've obviously done a great job at disguising my age, Lizy!
  • Interesting interview and good comments. Hope it bags some sales for you.
  • Thanks, ana.

    No soar in sales, I'm afraid!
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