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writing pad

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Just a quick question for all the writers who write by hand do you just use one side of the paper and when its full start a new page or do you just keep going


  • I use an A4 spiral bound notebook, write on both sides and when I've typed it up I rip the pages out.
    this means the bag I take out with me in case of inspiration gradually weighs less.

    what do you do?
  • I write on facing page only, but often I will write ideas/notes on the back of the previous page relating to the facing page - using arrows to connect.
    Have I explained that well? ...

    I cant remember which writer it was, Graham Greene, I think, when asked he he used lined paper or plain replied that he found lined paper too restricting. I understand what he means.
  • I rarely write onto paper, but do carry a small notebook just in case. I write on one side until I get to the end, then turn it upside down and use the other side. Once I've transferred the note to my computer, or otherise finished with it, I draw a diagonal line through the page.

    Do you have a particular reason for asking, or did it just strike you your method wasn't the only option?
  • When I'm at home, I type directly on the pc. It's so versatile. But when I've been abandoned in town by the family and sit in Waterstone's coffee bar, I love writing on blank printer paper. I always slash a line down the middle to divide it into 2 columns: my line of thought goes on the left, with room for expansions and tangents on the right. These are some of my most productive moments for inspiration. Perhaps its the spirits of the authors looking down on me from the bookcases.
  • I write both sides but i was wondering like bill said if the leave other side blank for notes add ins ect.
  • I use plain paper and I use both sides, if my writing flow dries up, I doodle.

    There's a lot of doodles
  • [quote=Maro]if my writing flow dries up, I doodle.[/quote]
    If my writing flow dries up I cook, sew, iron, defrost the freezer . . .

    go for a walk, go for a drink, stay for another drink . .

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