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No internet :(

edited January 2014 in Writing
Hi there, just in case anyone happens to be wondering where I am...(well yes, all right, I'm here at the moment but this is sneaky contact using work's computer)...I'm without internet access for the immediate future until something can be arranged to hook me up again. Long story. Grrrr.....

Hope you're all witty, well and writing wonderful things. Cheers! x


  • [quote=Island Girl]Hope you're all witty, well and writing wonderful things.[/quote]

    No. Sadly most are twits and hardly anyone's working. I've tried kicking a few up the bum, but you know what they're like.

    TN's spent most of the day under her duvet.

    I'd sigh, but it wouldn't help.
  • edited January 2014
    Grrrr, indeed, IG.

    Yes, I had noticed your absence. :(

    I suppose you're a bit too far away to try smoke signals...

    Edited to heave a sigh on behalf of Baggy.

    *sighs* (long and hard)
  • Hope you'll be back in contact soon. *hugs*
  • I've been noticing and hoping you are ok. Hope it gets sorted! We miss you.
  • What a pain, IG. We had no internet over Christmas (well, no electricity) so I share your frustration. Hope it can be reinstated soon. Hope the New Year improves for you!
  • Dear IG - poor you. I hope the work computer allows you a few minutes-worth of check-in a day?

    We lost our phone line on Christmas Eve and the OH was distraught.

    I hope 2014 sees an upturn in your fortunes, with a re-instated internet line first on the list.
    ((((( :) xxx )))))
  • Most certainly had noticed your absence, IG! Hope your Internet gets sorted soon. We were without access on New Year's Day - the OH was distraught without his beloved IPad! :)
  • Wondered where you where, IG. All the best for 2014.
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