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edited January 2014 in Writing
I'm trawling the Competition Special and wonder what other TBers think if Lightship International First Novel Prize.

In particular this paragraph in the rules;

18. The winner of First Novel is deemed by way of entering the competition to have granted Lightship exclusive worldwide license over their First Novel entry for publicity purposes thereafter. Selected pieces may appear in electronic format on the Lightship website, or in other electronic forms

I know - I know - one has to win first, but . . .


  • That clause doesn't sound particularly worrying to me.
  • You might query what 'selected pieces' might mean - just how much is a selected piece?

    [quote= Phots Moll]That clause doesn't sound particularly worrying to me.[/quote]

    Same here.
  • Pieces for publicity purposes - you need your work advertised, and that's what this seems to infer. Sounds okay to me.
  • I agree. It's only for advertising. They're not taking your copyright.
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