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  • SM, click on your name, anywhere, to take you to your profile page, then "My preferences" to set your preferences for how you want notifying about things.
  • edited January 2014
    A new laptop and a new talkback on successive days is more than a vulnerable elderly
    person should have to cope with :O)
  • Cheers Webbo.
  • It's a small thing I suppose - but the 'howdy' welcome before I logged in made my hackles rise. I know it's a personal pet-hate thing, but I can't bear the thought of Talkback being Americanised. :(
  • There's also a stars and stripes in the smileys **==

    But no Union flag!
  • As it's temporary, perhaps we shouldn't worry too much.

    *flies own flag*
  • I was just looking at a plugin that adds a flag automatically next to your profile pic on comments. Don't think it's quite a first-tier addition though.
    Will look for "Howdy" message - we have to be able to change that, although I haven't seen it on my travels.
  • LizLiz
    edited January 2014
    Ok. As long as the alcohol is champagne and provided by Webbo and the chocolate is Montezuma's and provided by the same source. Then I think I will be able to cope.

    Especially if it does indeed get better.

    I feel it's a little blue and white at the minute. What about some purple?

    Can we still do photos?

    Hmmm... let's see, a photo of Lola...

  • No photos! And you can only edit for 30 minutes instead of 4 hours...
  • Wow, alcohol and chocolates, sounds liked 'Keep Calm and Carry on
  • Rabbi I really don't mind at least we are up and running.
  • Rabbi?
  • Maybe Neph has a new friend...
  • Perhaps Neph thinks she is in her other forum, Jews-y chat?
  • Seriously. Did someone take my name in vain

    ..uhoh. Webbo.. you powered this lot with emoticons. ARE YOU INSANE.
    Wait don't answer that, there's no need.
  • It's fun having a choice of emoticons... :bz
  • Limiting the editing time is very welcome - fed up with people changing their whisper when guilt strikes 'em.

  • edited January 2014
  • Glad to see TB is not dead! Had a few moments of panic over the past couple of days, attempting to log in.

    Looks very swish. Only been able to view it on my mob so far! #:-S
  • Great.
    Whizzy... as in..
    f a s t

    Oh yes!
  • It is fast and very welcome-ly so.
  • Baggy said: "Limiting the editing time is very welcome - fed up with people changing their whisper when guilt strikes 'em." (phew that was laborious, hope a quote turns up!)

    I often write things which could be couched better when my brain isn't working due to low BS - what I say is emotion-led and contains no cushion of thoughtfulness because my fore-brain is not working at all, and if I see i've done that, or if I suddenly remember I've been on here saying stuff when I come round/my eyes start working/i feel my brain sort of flowering when it returns to notrmal, I come back and change it. I'd not want not to be able to do that.
  • edited January 2014
    Echo Liz's post. Well not about my brain - but would like the edit facility to be longer.
    (If someone has second thoughts about a whisper, isn't that a good thing?) :-??

    Webbo - the 'howdy' remark is on the right hand side of the page if you're not signed in. It says something like 'howdy, stranger, looks like you're new here...' (horrible)
  • I don't whisper... well, not a lot, just fun stuff occasionally, but out loud I'm definitely not thoughtful sometimes! But we can't whisper on here, can we?
  • Just went on the blog thread and none of the links are live - so perhaps that would be a simple thing to change for photos as well?
  • Yes, 'howdy' is rather chumsy, isn't it? You wouldn't put 'Salut!' (which is at least European).
    Do you know, I've never used an emoticon. There's a chicken, a cow, a pig, a monkey, a dog, and a bee, but not a single bear in a floral hat. If I could see the darn things I'd choose a sadly unsurprised one.
  • "(If someone has second thoughts about a whisper, isn't that a good thing?)" - Claudia.

    Yes and no. Better not to be nasty in the first place. Once a whisper's been read, the damage is done. Editing it out won't change the sentiment.

    Not all whispers have to be nasty, of course.

  • Did anyone answer the question about how to open a thread at the last read post - or am I particularly thick that I still can't work it out? (Please don't answer that last bit.)
  • I like the new changes but I agree they will take some getting used to. Now where is that smiley button. *gasps* so many!
  • I'd still like to see the name of the person who has started the thread; the last person to post on a thread is less important than knowing the author of it.
  • I don't think we need worry too much about any of this. This version is only temporary and I'm sure Webbo and his team have a good idea of what we like and don't like.
  • Time will tell. And good old Webbo and team - they got a version up to use in record time really, after it all went talk-up.

    I haven't been very thoughtfully grateful for this, was thinking about it last night as I got ready for bed (but I'd already shut down) so thanks Webbo et al!
  • Mobile friendly - hurray!
  • Yes, very mobile friendly! The last one was awful on phone
    Bizarrely, Claudia, the post starter is visible on mobi version so probably not much effort to get that showing on the main one
  • I have to say I do like the bigger text. Much easier on my old eyes.

    But I still don't know how to open a thread where I left off... :((

  • I like the new look although, as an Evertonian, I would like the blue to be a little less pale!

    Are the personal avatars larger than previously? My OLG logo looks very grainy and amateurish - I designed it to be the favicon on my website (small picture that appears in the address bar). It looks fine at that size but I think I may have to redesign it for TB.
  • It looks like a tapestry, OLG!
  • Yes, the avatars are not good.
  • SM can't get in...
  • I'm in on my PC. There's something nasty occurred on my new lappy. Tried to load open office on the laptop yesterday and it's brought with it a search programme that's killed my google chrome aand bought the thing to a standstill. Up to now it refuses to uninstall. Expect me when you see me....
  • Oooh, I spoke too soon...
  • Hurrah for me! I have sent the dreadful program packing, and restored Google Chrome to full health. I think I might pay for a proper Office, I've just been close to a major disaster,I think
  • Have to admit I'd rather have the real thing, and no worry... particularly important when it's your livelihood.
  • I know one-or-two on here use Open Office, but it seems a bit of a lottery. Scared the s**t out of me.
  • edited January 2014
    Hello everyone. How are you all ? Not been on here for a while, so thought I'd say hello and try out the new TB. So far so good - I think I have posted this comment ok. :o3
  • Waaaaaaah! Something else I have to learn... :((

    Hi everyone. This is...erm...all new and shiny, isn't it?
  • Waaaaaaah! Something else I have to learn... :((

    Baggy Books said: "Not all whispers have to be nasty, of course."
    The whisper function certainly helped to prevent 'clogging' on the OWC thread to make it easier for the judges to find the entries in amongst comments. Small poems with only a few lines, for example, easily became lost.

    Baggy Books said: "Have our 'whispered' conversations gone? I had some classic chats with MNs a few years ago and we often dip in to them."
    Ditto. I don't believe this question was answered, Webbo. Any thoughts?
  • It is still being investigated IG - I'm not sure whether we'll be able to reintroduce the whisper facility, or the posts themselves, but it's out of my hands for now I'm afraid.
    For ongoing private conversations, you can open a private message conversation through another user's profile page. This will act in the same way as a whispered conversation, but won't appear in the topics list the way the old ones did. Instead you'll get a notification next to your name (and probably an email alert too, unless you set it up not to).
  • How can you delete the notifications? I've tried and failed. TN, Liz and I 'communicated' last week and I want to delete it all, just to keep things tidy.
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