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  • I can't change my profile picture.

  • What do the x2 buttons do?

  • Subscript and superscript - for when we post tricky maths questions1

    1 I suppose footnotes too. 
  • edited January 2014
    Hmm, that doesn't work that well. it displays superscript in the preview, but as you can see, not in the actual post. Wonder if I change the font


    Nope, none of that works. Don't suppose we'll miss them too much
  • BB - I can, as you can see! Is your picture too large? 
  • I want to delete it now and then replace it with another later today.
  • Ahh, I see. I don't think you can remove the one you have without replacing it with another
  • I tried to upload a new photo and it wouldn't accept it, so I thought I'd delete it for now. Couldn't do either.
  • Paste it in to comment here and I'll try to do it for you.
  • Works in principle - I've blanked you for now
  • Excellent. I'll take a new photo later and play with it.
  • Here's a thing: I started writing a reply to another thread yesterday and then didn't finish it. I logged out, went away, did other things, came back, posted elsewhere, then just now went to that thread, and there was my unfinished post still in the Write Comment box, and still live. I've deleted it now (it had its chance), but odd that it didn't go away on its own when I logged out.
  • It's because the message gets saved as a draft, Mrs Bear.

    When I lost my connection Friday, it had saved a comment I'd started but not finished.
  • I've managed to change my avatar to something less grainy. I may experiment to see if I can improve it further, but at least it's an improvement.
  • It looks good. Just about to sort mine.
  • I find I'm riding a bicycle belonging to someone-else. My bike isn't blue .
  • *wonders if Baggy will be wearing her skimpy number from her 'other' job* :O
  • edited January 2014
    sm, is the helmet the right colour or have you nicked that too?
  • Changed mine.

    *feels tidier*
  • Books?

    *feels a tad disappointed*
  • What is it, BB? I can't make it out...
  • Clean your specs, Liz...
  • Oh... books? Can't read them though! 
  • They're some of last year's jobs. 
  • An avatar with history... a story to tell...

    Hmmm... I like that.
  • edited January 2014
    My helmet has a touch of red, and my rain jacket is yellow.

    Don't you think TN, that snidey comments about TBers skimpy apparel are sort of in bad taste in this new, multicoloured, multi-font age?

    I wish the bloody screen would stop jumping about when other people post while I'm typing. By the time I've relocated the input screen I've forgotten what I was typing.
  • TB is very blue, isn't it?

    Could we have a bit of red, Webbo, like we used to for names on the threads page?
  • Well, she did reveal her other job the other day, sm. I was just inviting her to share that part of her life on TB.
  • I have many jobs...
  • edited January 2014
    Just trying to find my way round and saw on "Recent activity" that Photts Moll changed his profile picture' as did Paula , but Baggy was down as 'her' - does the site not know what gender we are?
    Edited to add - I like the big writing, and what do you think of my picture? I looked on Free Stock Photos for sunglasses and got this.
  • You have to change via your account - I opted to be female, for now.
  • Baggy is a her, as it Phots Moll, Lizy.  :-\"
  • It can't possibly know what gender we are but we can claim to be one sex or other in our account. 
  • I claim to be female!

  • I just wish there were more choices. I'd like to have a change. 
  • Webbo, if you opt to 'dismiss' a thread, how is it reversed?
  • I think it's given me a sex change now, Lizy.
  • I went and checked mine and it said male, so the default is clearly male... ;))
  • Yes, default has to be male because it's wrong...

  • Never a truer phrase was commented...
  • Good to see you again Wilts. 

  • edited January 2014
    BB said: "Webbo, if you opt to 'dismiss' a thread, how is it reversed?"

    I mentioned that very early on but not since - that behaviour seems very strange - I haven't found a way to bring them back, or how to view ones that you have dismissed. You can only dismiss Announced threads (i.e. what we used to call stickies), so perhaps the only way to reset it is for me to unannounce them. I'll keep looking.
  • Okay. The "dismiss" seems a bit annoying. 
    It seems to be intended as an option to allow you to opt out of a sticky, so it doesn't clutter up the top of the forum for you. Once you've dismissed an announced thread it drops back into the normal order of threads and will only pop back up to the top if it gets a new comment. There isn't an option to reset that though, so be sure that you actually want to dismiss an announcement before using it. 

  • Being contrary as always, having read that explanation of the "dismiss" feature I think it looks really useful!
  • You're right - Photts Moll is a her - Island Girl isn't - does he/she know?
  • All the font things have gone again. Have we broken them already?
  • I don't think we can be trusted, Mrs B. [-X
  • I didn't break them - they broke me, so Webbo took them off - temporarily.
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