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  • It wasn't just Heather though - anything that hinders our now quite smooth and quick site needs to be considered carefully before being allowed to slow it down again!
  • This is like a serial - miss one episode and you have to trawl back to find clues to what's happening now.
  • edited January 2014
    Although I am a her in real life, the last time I looked at my profile it was telling me I am a him but TB wouldn't let me change me to a her. It says someone else is using my email address. ???
  • I was able to change my gender, but it won't let me change from claudia to Claudia. (Thought it was time for claudia to grow up.)
    That's weird about your e-mail, IG.
  • The facility to change/edit our names has been lost - you'd have to open a new account, unless Webbo can tinker with you - in private.
  • It isn't very accurate either - apparently I have made 2 visits. *snorts*
  • Quote Baggy Books: "unless Webbo can tinker with you - in private"
    An innuendo not to be missed?

    Font and colour choice gone but Preview back ..... 'tis all of a dither.

    At least Webbo is trying ..... {Stop those thoughts} Good Lad, thank you for persevering.
  • Jan, the choices have had to be temporarily removed because it created a conflict with someone's system.

    They will be back, and Webbo discovered that by adding the editing tools it lost the preview option.
  • claudia wrote: 'but it won't let me change from claudia to Claudia'.

    lower case is the future, claudia. Self-abasement is the future, stick with it.
  • I prefer people who have lowercase names, don't have to do all that shift-shit.
  • I've capped you Claudia!
    Unfortunately the gender option is not one I have access to on any accounts but my own. IG, I've sent you a private message!
  • Oh no, Liz! I automatically use capitals for names, then have to go back and 'correct' to lower-case when I see that they don't use them on TB... mentioning no names, sm (imagine italics here).

    Long Live Capitals!!!
  • Quote Carol: "choices have had to be temporarily removed"
    Yes; I know the reasons Carol.
    Main purpose of my post was to emphasise support for Webbo and his team in their efforts to improve the site plus mention one of my personal preferences.

    Quote Tiny Nell: "Long Live Capitals"
    Hooray and agree Madam; sorry Liz
    Quote Liz: "all that shift-shit"
    I consider worthy of the 'effort' to illustrate respect for the proper noun.
  • Webbo is our hero... O:-)
  • Too much sun?
  • LizLiz
    edited January 2014
    Lol! It isn't a case of no respect, I find shifting painful because I have always done it with my right little finger which is now bent and sore so it doesn't reach - I'd really like to do no capitals at all and write everything in lower case.
  • I don't think anyone would really take offence if you didn't, liz. I still struggle not to exclaim your name every time like your username used to insist!
  • Hehe! Please exclaim any time you like. It's only natural.
  • So Liz, I take it you're one of the people who are grateful for word processors that automatically make the first letter of a sentence a capital? I hate it, but can see that it would be very useful for some people. In my day job I write some technical instructions where it is essential that the commands be typed into the computer in lower case. It annoys me when I see that Word has converted some of my work into capitals. Unfortunately, I've never found a way to turn it off.
  • I have turned that off, as being a poet it is intensely irritating! I Googled how to do it, there were several different things, and i did them all and one worked... this was for mac though. But you are mac?
  • I too find it irritating in poems, but it only does it on mine when I start a new line.
    What I'd like to turn off if only I knew how is the fact that if I've numbered a line it automatically numbers everything after that. If you see what I mean?
    Still, that's now a problem for this thread. Whoops - sorry!
  • I use a Mac for personal use and haven't installed any Microsoft software on it. I use Word on my work PC.
  • Yaaaaaay, I'm a girl. Woohoo! (Thanks Webbo) ;)
  • *Looks* So you are!
  • Ooh, thanks for tinkering with me, Webbo. I feel all grown up now! >:D<
  • How do you know what you are? Does anyone know what I am?

    *ties ribbons into hair* ;;)
  • You're pretty, TN - that's what you are.

  • Pretty thick... :\">
  • Chunky chips are very popular.
  • It has taken me ages to get in, partially my fault, I asked for help and got it. Thanks Webbo.
  • Love your new picture!
  • Hello B Darter - now I'm confused, I thought that was your real name and now I'm thinking perhaps it is a pseudonym...
  • Pseudonym Liz. ;)
  • Nice to see you again, B Darter

    *thinks Brownlee's as mad as a box of frogs*
  • I thought everyone used a pseudonym on here.

  • I'm not ashamed of who I am.
  • Not me. Don't like them. They seem wrong.
  • I have several!
  • Me too, three and four.
  • Baggy said: I am.

    Why are you ashamed of who SM is, Baggers?
  • Surely you know?

  • I still don't know if I should wear pink or blue.
  • Does pink go with your Latin skin?
  • Latin skin, Liz?

    I'm more winter white at the moment.

    *adds rouge a la Barbara Cartland*
  • I have always used a pseudonym on message boards. At first I tried to use Mark, but it's such a common name it was always taken.
  • I've been worcester_sauce before now, some people got the wrong impression.
  • I've been Curly Locks.
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