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  • Is it just my eyes or does it look different now?
  • It does - fiddling somewhat. Please do not adjust your set
  • OMG! Webbo just flashed!

  • I saw it too!
  • I was very impressed.
  • edited February 2014
    It's pretty much doing as it should Mrs B. While you're writing your message, it autosaves it, but then when you've posted those messages to go and delete the draft, the act of posting also removes the draft, so it's gone by the time you get there!
    I think it behaves slightly differently if you manually click "save draft" though.
  • Everything looks very... wide. There's no comforting border. I feel TB may bleed off the edges and disappear...
  • *whisper* (remember those?!) Hey Liz, I'll show you why... http://www.writers-online.co.uk/talkback/
    Still a work in progress though
  • I prefer it like this. Reminds me of the old days...
  • * Gets very excited*
  • Bit of a shock, that. Almost like before but bigger font which I approve of. Mind you - I had to scroll through the whole darn thread again to get here - did I really say that ten days ago? Oh well - off to see if the other threads are doing the same re-run thing.
    See ya!
  • Me again! Yes they do - the other threads, I mean.
    And when I use the 'page down' button I lose a few lines of someone's comment and have to 'up arrow' back.
    It's irritating - can anything be done to fix it, Webbo?
  • The threads don't default to the last post I've read any more - hoping this is a temporary glitch.
  • The threads don't default to the last post I've read any more - hoping this is a temporary glitch.
    Said Claudia.
    That's what I meant - she just said it with much more elegance and economy.
  • I have to keep pressing the down button...:(
  • Me too - I'm fed up with this - I'm going out for a drink. While the cat's away . . .
  • Does anyone else think we're in some kind of experiment and Webbo is a mad scientist? I feel like a guinea pig, in a cage with other guinea pigs.

    Every now and then he changes something to gauge our responses.
  • And if I go into a thread, then use the back button on my browser to go back to the discussion list it goes right out of talkback, so I have to scroll up or down to find a 'back to Discussions' link
  • I still don't understand why going up and down is such a problem.

    I find it more strange that the size of font on the first page isn't quite big enough but in the threads is ginormous... except in the box you write in where it is about right.

    I get confused about how many people have posted and who the thread was by.

    'Spect it'll all be sorted soon though.
  • Well I hope it's sorted soon - I don't like having to re-read several posts like this - we didn't have to yesterday.
  • edited February 2014
    I've temporarily turned off the embedding. When you click into a page it now jumps to the last comment you haven't seen*, but if I can't find a way to make both embedding and "jump to last post work" together, it'll be the embedding that takes precedence.

    I'm not trying to make you feel like guinea pigs, just get a forum that A) functions; and B) reinstates as many features as possible from the old version, along with some new ones. The only way to do that is to gradually add in bits, and I've got more control over the code, etc, now, so hopefully there might be new features added a bit more quickly. We can't revert to the old system though, so some elements definitely won't be returning and there are going to be some things that we all just have to get used to.

    *only if you are in the non-embedded version http://talkback.writers-online.co.uk rather than http://www.writers-online.co.uk/talkback
  • I was joking about the guinea pigs, Webbo. You're doing a great job. :-*
  • Not only that, but burning the midnight oil as well!
  • You're an angel =D>
  • Yes, we're not really complaining, just having running commentary. We are grateful to have TB at all… and for the fact that even though it's being worked on, it still works.
  • Agree, Liz. We all know how much we missed it when it crashed.
  • No complaints here, Webbo - I'm grateful for all the time and effort you're spending to make it a gentle experience for us all. I'm no techie so just have to click and go. And it seems we are having different experiences with the new format, so letting you know our snags is our way of being helpful.
    (Isn't there some sort of prayer along the lines of, 'Lord save me from helpful people?')
  • edited February 2014
    Thanks all and sorry, I wasn't looking for praise! Just frustrated that every step forward brings along a new step back, and unfortunately trying things out is the only way we can see if they'll work now.
    With that in mind it is great to get live feedback - everything works differently on different machines. When I was in the embed version, for example, hitting back on my browser did take me back to the Discussions list, not back out of Talkback, but Heather's does the opposite.
    And very puzzled by font size difference for you Liz. We have similar setups and they all look about right to me. If it's not a chore please could you send me a screenshot?
  • Webbo, when the embedding was off, it would go to the last post I read; while embedding was on it took me to the top of the currant page.

    I lost the discussions page completely once, but thought I'd hit something accidentally, so maybe it wasn't...

    Do you have any idea when the next session of adjustments will be?
  • Well, I'm just looking now at how to make the embed and "jump to..." work together nicely. Beyond that, the next few things should be more minor changes that you hopefully won't have much impact and you might not notice until they're pointed out!
  • LizLiz
    edited February 2014
    I'll try a screenshot! Oh hang on - i can't because you've got it in this format, not the one with the border...
  • edited February 2014
    Thanks Liz - go to http://www.writers-online.co.uk/talkback/ and it should appear as was
  • Here is me writing in the box - type size comfortable to look at, and the size of writing above much bigger! The same size as the type to the right in the column on the front page...

    Screenshots on the way to you, Webbo, by email.
  • edited February 2014
    Here is me writing in the box - type size comfortable to look at, and the size of writing above much bigger! The same size as the type to the right in the column on the front page...

    Screenshots on the way to you, Webbo, by email.
    A new addition.... hope nothing is broken for anyone!

    Thanks Liz, think it might be a quirk of machine/setup, but will investigate
  • Oooh, that's fancy!
    Also new - you might notice a new link to "Send PM" next to the Quote and Thanks links on other people's posts. I know it's not whispers but I suspect it will be closer to what you want to use than the current setup of navigating through the profile page to get to private messaging.
  • The quote facility looks great!
  • Oooh, it does - very clear! And also in italics...

    Wonders if there is a 'like' button available as well... *ducks*
  • oh look!
  • Wow! Hooray! Yipppeeeeeee!
  • i was the second to use it! I was the second to use it!
  • I was the third. Like buying a betamax video player or 4-track stereo, I like someone else to rush in first.
    It shows up as liked next to the thread title on the main page too. Jolly clever.
  • i was the second to use it! I was the second to use it!
    She's a simple soul, our Liz, isn't she?

  • Possibly. I wouldn't like to say. It could be so. It might not be. Ahem.
  • Possibly. I wouldn't like to say. It could be so. It might not be. Ahem.

  • And... calling all guinea pigs!
    So just to recap, new additions today are Quote and Like, and I haven't heard anything back yet if they broke anyone's kettle or anything.

    Text styling is still a hiccup. Inline images will come along with that.

    But noooow, roll up, roll up to edit your profile! When you click another user's name, it opens on their "Activity", but the links at the top now include an "About..." button, which displays your profile. You can edit it from the last of the links in the left hand sidebar after clicking your own name. There are lots of boxes for various web links. Anything you leave blank won't display. (I don't know why birthdays don't display.)
    If you can think of any other useful website-type data to include on here, just let me know, but I'd rather not get too carried away with marginal usages (Reddit profiles are not likely to be included!)
  • Here's my contribution today:-
    1. what does 'embedded' mean?
    2. I've got smaller font in the box too, like Liz, but it grows to normal size when I post the comment.
    3. It still won't go to the next comment after the one I read earlier.
    4. Editing my profile will have to wait until I have read the instructions several times, printed them out and maybe committed them to memory so I don't have to keep jumping back and forth while I do it!

    xx for Webbo!
  • #1: embedded means "shown in a window within the existing site", so now the forum is embedded within our main website www.writers-online.co.uk
    Until yesterday, it existed pretty much in its own bubble, without even a link to our main site, and not matching the layout, design, etc.
    It looks like I left the embedding turned off for exactly the period you weren't here! Your #3 is a result of the embedding, but I haven't given up on having both.
    #2 The text is larger for me when I'm typing text than when it displays existing comments. Suspect it's one of those anomalies of settings - your general display text is set large, but the text entry box doesn't obey the same setting, so appears smaller. What browser do you use?
    #4 it's not as tricky as I made it sound - I was just trying to cover all the bases at once!
  • I like the 'about' option - but I couldn't get my website address accepted, so added it in my blurb.
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