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Who's in March 2014's Writing Magazines?



  • No, but I examined the trace of DNA he left on this thread and I believe there is a match.
  • *nods*

    I think you're right.

    Here's the link to Helen's article about Writing Buddies:

  • Tiny Nell: I think that's br, Baggy...

    Oh, the huge manatee! The shame...the shaammmmee!

    Yes, tis I! I have been 'discovered' :P
  • edited February 2014

    Knew you hadn't really gone. And at least you have bouncy things to admit it - unlike some who should really be named and shamed.
  • Another case solved.

    *lights cigar*

    Quote Baggy: And at least you have bouncy things to admit it - unlike some who should really be named and shamed.

    Really? I missed that.

    *checks notes*

    Just who can it be...?
  • Baggy wrote: We're mostly friendly...

    Speak for yourself. ~:>
  • Mostly. I said mostly.

  • I've spotted four TBers - and I haven't even read it yet. Any advance on four?
  • It's like TB Bingo.
  • Read Gross's article. Fab. Gross, even. Great illustration. Perfect.
  • Hey, that's my article, not Gross's!
  • Finally got into a WH Smiths and bought a copy which I'm about to settle down to read. So, thought I'd check this thread to see what to look out for.
    Got mine, too. I recognised a name on the letters page.
    Nope - don't recognise any names on the letters page... :(
    A quick break from my TB hiatus to say...I'm in WM for the first time :D

    Hmm, will have to search carefully as I think I know your real name...
    Pages 42-43 for those lucky enough to already have their copy.
    Ah-ha! Thanks for that.
    (have you noticed I'm scrolling down the posts)

    Okay, apart from the mystery letter writer, I'm more or less covered and ready to start reading the mag. :-B
  • Enjoy...
  • Still have mine to read.
  • I am so frustrated! I have not been able to pop in lately as often as I have been doing; so I feel I am missing out from the jolly times we have on TB. I have my copy of WM (and have had for about a week) and I always try to recognise all you good folks from your articles etc. Then when I have the chance to pop in, I spend half my time matching up article and TB user name.
    :(( So now I will hide myself away from the flippin' winter thingey, jumpy, slidy wotsits and spy on you all @-)
    Is the kettle on :-*
  • Victoria, are you Facebook, and if so have you joined the TB Facebook page? There is a handy guide on there as to who is who, TB name and real name...
  • Liz, no I'm still living with the Luddites! I have always resisted doing the soshal meeja stuff as I am such a lazy tyke! Just lately I have used every distraction technique I can not to actually get down and do some writing. I've had a bit of an enforced break but I am now bright eyed and bushy tailed again; but I still am stuck in 'I need to do this before I can write something' mode. I devour the mag when it comes and I think 'Yes I can do that' then I realise that I really need to get some potatoes.
    Can anyone do CBT and get me out of this denying me time?
    Fess up as well, I have heard so much about trolls and the negative side of Facebook, I have always steered away from it. I see though that a lot of you TBers use the sites for publicity etc. I know I should get on with it, but I do have to go now and prepare the veg for lunch.
    Is there no hope for me?
    But watch this space......I may pop up on F and surprise you all - and me!
  • Victoria, you need to set yourself some small targets that you can achieve.

    I have a lot of problem with getting time to write due to family and every day life demands, health issues too.

    I started by setting myself 100 words a week, and found I soon exceeded that.

    There's less problem with trolls than you hear about, and they rarely bother writers...
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