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I should be writing but......

edited February 2014 in Writing
I should be writing but i think i need a boost of some sort :(


  • The one word challenge??
  • Have you just worn yourself out, or are you unhappy with what you've been writing recently?

    Have you tried the Jan/Feb One Word Challenge- always good when you need a change of pace.
  • Look through your photo album or scrap book. Or read a book. Don't sweat it - it will come.
  • if you can, go for a brisk walk. Nice crisp air will feed your brain with oxygen and
    loads of new ideas. take a notebook, and camera if possible and REALLY look around you - building/places that you see every day often reveal something new...
  • 'Should'?

    Unless it's writing for a job with a deadline, writing shouldn't be a chore, elizabeth. If you feel you 'want' to write, but don't know what, look at briefs for writing competitions. There is often a theme and a word count which might help you to focus.

    I just wait for inspiration to strike. Sometimes it's a long time coming, but often it's worth the wait!
  • Tell yourself you don't have time to write and you can bet that ideas will soon flood in and get you back into the groove.

  • I could (virtually) slap you with a wet lettuce leaf if you like.
  • Phots Moll! I am shocked.
  • It's better than being slapped with a mackerel. She does have heart!
  • edited February 2014
  • I do have a heart, it's true. It's the kind of heart that feels a warm glow after my arms have made someone look like this :-&
  • OK, so after the slapping I squish the lettuce onto my victim's skin like a face pack, but that just makes it all the more motivating.
  • Read my post on Having a Rest maybe permanent.If I can pick myself up, so can you
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