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Anyone know how to...

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change the margin settings from cm to inches? :)]

I'm using Word and am in the bit called Page Setup which has margins and layout in it.

I can only understand very simple instructions! [-O<


  • Think you have to use cm's now...
  • Depends which version of word.

    On mine, go to the Office button (top left circle with coloured bits in), click on Word options at the bottom of pop up,click on advanced on left hand side, scroll down to Display, and change where it says 'show measurements in units of.'
  • Ah, I'll have a look at that, heather. Thanks!

    In the world of book-making, Carol, it seems that they still use inches.
  • Yay! Found it! Thanks, heather!
  • edited February 2014
    That's the first useful thing I've done all morning!
  • The first of many...
  • Thanks Heather. I will have a look for it on my version, as it will be easier for when I'm doing short stories...
  • If you have any questions about Word, I've discovered (while still trying to find the lost chapters of Myrtle Moses) that if you google the problem you will get to MS's own pages, which will explain all.
    Well, apart from how I was such a dingbat in the first place. That will forever remain a mystery.
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