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17789 comments - Shall I dive in?

edited February 2014 in Writing
Hmm, this is the number of 'new' comments since I looked at this thread: What were you doing just then? I notice there are 19714 comments in total, so I must have visited it, but not within living memory. Heaven knows what it's about, but it must raise TBer's adrenaline.

Can you give me three reasons why I should take the plunge?


  • Do not look! Dwight, you'd be shocked and we'd be embarrassed.
  • Ooooh, dear. It's an aquired taste. Three reasons?

    Well, if you have a week or two, you could catch up with how many dinners we've all cooked, when and whether we enjoyed them or not. And other arbitrary and inconsequential trivia to do with TBers lives. But not yours obviously.

    Which brings me to the second point - we are missing your input. Personally, I lack an awareness of just how your day pans out. I'm sure other TBers are anxious to hear about the ups and downs chez Dwight.

    And obviously, once you have plunged in - you will be part of the 1971+ comments, and be 'one of the gang'. And you will then know what it's about. The meaning of life, the universe, and everything.
  • What Liz said.
  • With bells on. :)
  • And flags waving
  • edited February 2014
    For some strange reason my previous comment came up twice so I've deleted it with the backspace - I could find no other way of doing it.
    Webbo - is this a blip or just me being too heavy-fingered on the button?
  • Oh flipping heck! I should have gone away and left it alone - now the first one's disappeared. It was really witty and erudite, too!
  • I've had this happen a few times, Lizy, and it always seems to correct itself.
  • It's the cache thingy - if you ignore the second one it sorts itself out.

  • My comments always become more erudite after deletion
  • Lizy, the same happened to me yesterday. We never had cache thingies when I were a lass - no idea what they are, or what to do about them. New-fangled fol-de-rols.
    I thought it looked like I was nagging (perish the thought) so deleted the second one, only to find the first had gone too.
  • Careful, Dwight. Like you, I never read that thread. Then I recently had a look-see out of curiosity, and despite my attempts to stop dipping into it, I've been sucked in...
  • I only created that thread because I was nosey... :-*
  • Oh, it was you? I might have known.
  • I thought um... now what was her name... created the first one, and that was a replacement as the first became too unwieldy.. come to think of it, she doesn't come in now... oh! She was young... 13 when she started here and changed her name a lot...
  • She's been around recently - definitely before Christmas if not since.
  • Oooh, good.
  • Only as a whisperer.
  • Oo-er... sucked in, eh, Claudia. So it's some kind of whale experience as lived by Jonah? Liz explains the same phenomenon but in different words, as is the wont of us writers.
    I can see that if your genes are of a certain tilt, you go deleting your best work. I'm not sure I like the sound of it. Would I be 'the same me' after dipping my toe?
  • We eat toes for breakfast on that thread. 8-X
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