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Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovebirds

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Anyone have a romantic start to the day? @};-

Any plans for later?



  • Love comes to us in many forms
    Romance is just a part
    And friends to share your ups and downs
    Can also lift your heart

    Happy Valentine's Day to all of you, whether you have a 'romantic' Valentine or not!
  • Happy Valentine's Day to all.

    My OH and I opened our cards and pressies in bed this morning whilst out daughter jumped all over us.

    We are taking a trip through to a nearby village for a walkabout this morning, and later tonight I'll be cooking a three course extravaganza as a treat. :-*

    Hope you all have a lovely day.
  • Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

    My OH remembered- a card and a box of Black Magic were waiting for me when I got up this morning- he left them on my chair at my desk. :D

    I haven't bought his card and pressie yet- but I do usually leave them on the sofa where he sits...:)
  • We exchanged cards (jokey ones). but if you really want to find out the truth about St Valentine's day take a look at the facts I've unearthed about it - it's on the Betty Blogs page http://www.bettyblogs.weebly.com
  • Well, Betty...

    That's shattered all my dreams about St. Valentine!

    Great blog, by the way - and what an adorable little girl you were - and still are!
  • Aw Nell, I've gone all coy and silly
  • We've never done Valentine's cards or anything - but when I got back into the car after physio, there was a single red rose on the seat. Mr Bear's gone all rosemantic in his old age!
  • LizLiz
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    Pete remarked the other evening as we were watching something and the adverts came on that he really, really liked the song that was on the advert playing... but he didn't know who the singer was. I tried to remember what the ad was but failed, miserably, except that it was a car... asked on FB, nobody knew, eventually Googled 'new car ads' and found it! Something called 'Happy' by Pharrel Williams I think it was.

    Anyhow I managed to 'gift' it to him by iTunes, after trying for ages! And left him a card and some chocs in his breakfast place last night, as he leaves way before I get up.

    He left me a card and a detective book by someone I'd never heard of but turns out to be J K Rowling - something I would never have bought for myself, but am intensely curious to read, so a success for him!

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    Mission completed, card bought and box of Thorntons chocolate covered Turkish Delights to give to OH when he gets home.

    Clintons, where I got the card were pushing their silk effect type artificial single roses- so but a valentines gift and you could get one of the roses for x amount.
    When asked, I replied, 'I don't think so, my husband's a Yorkshireman...'
  • That's my favourite song of the moment, Liz. Great taste!
  • I also really liked that song when I heard it, Liz, and also had to try and work out who it was by (I thought it was Steely Dan initially!!!).

    Just been wrapping up little pressies for the children - I gave them cards this morning - and the usual whisky for the husband. I'll be expecting some chocs and then we will be having a nice meal. A good excuse to remember to show each other how much we appreciate each other. (That was a clumsy sentence but I can't be bothered to redraft it!)
  • Well, my son has sent me his letter to his g/f to ask whether it is prose or poetry. It is prose. I knows. Was somewhat surprised he didn't mind me reading some of the more intimate passages, but he said he knew i would view it as a writer...

    He's quite ok with me sharing it as an example of Valentine-ness...these are just bits.. what do you think?

    I remember sunshine speckled fragments of that day. Tying my shirt about my waist, and basting my back in in the springtime breeze. Grass hung on the wind and whirled about our heads. I don’t remember what we talked of, but I remember the mid-afternoon waiting on your next word as you turned and smiled, eclipsing the sun. I recall making our way back. Our bicycles chasing and dancing together on the parched road. The meadows washed past and I remarked that we looked like we were on holiday in France. In truth I was happier where we were.

    It’s interesting, I think, what memories make the instagram moments of our mind. In reality I’m sure it was a normal day, no different from its counterparts that had preceeded it, or its doppelgängers that will make the annual appointment in future. But for those fifteen minutes, it was the first and last time that event will ever happen, and somewhere, it is always happening. Somewhere we’re always riding in the afternoon.

    (Then it blahs on and gets a tad too steamy for here and get to this bit)

    I’m still chasing you to the restaurant, still catching the scent of pine and oak in the still night, still battling the roadside foliage’s grasps at your form. I’m still wondering if the sparkle in your glance is for me. I’m still stumbling home after you, inconsequential houses, other lives lighting the path homeward.

    Before it ends. He always was a bit dramatic. I have never written a love letter in my life.
  • That's beautiful, Liz. What lovely images expressed so eloquently. She'll treasure that for ever.

    Oh, to have such a letter...
  • I know. His descriptions of his love for her (not included!) are exquisite. And he doesn't want to be a writer.
  • The writing is beautiful Liz.

    Though if I were his girlfriend I would prefer that no one read the letter other than me!
  • He might SAY he doesn't want to be a writer but he has no choice - he already is one, Liz.
  • Don't worry Heather, I haven't shared the really beautiful bits.

    I think he wants me to persuade him that writing is where his future lies. I think permission is what he is seeking perhaps - the problem being that his only role model is me, and although I battle away at it, even have a book, I earn no money.

    He can't see it as a future. It's a shame really, he is also a talented actor, but his chaperones were always out-of-work and really down actors, and he could see that the life would be very hard unless he had the drive to do it. And he doesn't.
  • You can be a writer and other things as well - as most of the people on here illustrate!
    But I do think there's a risk you lose the joy if it becomes a 'job' that has to pay the bills, unless you're very lucky.
  • He's so young! there's time for all kinds of different futures, one of which will probably/possibly be writing. If he were my son I wouldn't encourage him to consider it as a career yet, more as a future plan.
  • We've just been chatting, I sent him a link to a thing called 'Zentangles' which look very much like drawings he does already. Can't see how they have copyrighted them... Yes, he doesn't know what he wants to do, but he has to decide soon about some path as this is year 3 at uni. A path - not necessarily a job that is THE job. So hard.
  • Love your son's letter Liz - lucky girl to receive such well thought out words. Zentangles - love them. I've done a bit of research on them and written about them on my blog some weeks ago. Worth having a try - they're a Zen thing and supposed to be meditative.

  • Pete remarked the other evening as we were watching something and the adverts came on that he really, really liked the song that was on the advert playing... but he didn't know who the singer was. I tried to remember what the ad was but failed, miserably, except that it was a car... asked on FB, nobody knew, eventually Googled 'new car ads' and found it! Something called 'Happy' by Pharrel Williams I think it was.
    If you have either an Android smartphone or an iPhone there's an app called Soundhound that listens to music and tells you the name of the song and the singer/group (assuming it can find it in its database).

    I hate Valentine's day. It's my wife's birthday and we can never go out for a meal because everywhere's booked. If we do manage to get a table, they want us out as quickly as possible so they can give it to someone else. Last year was an exception - we went to Whitby for a few days and got a table at a fish and chip restaurant. Apparently, people don't think fish and chip restaurants are romantic enough for Valentine's day! It was fine for us - I love fish and chips and my wife's a vegetarian, so she was happy just so long as they had a good vegetarian selection.

    We did manage a candle-lit dinner last week (though not on the day). We were staying at a cottage in Wales and the electricity went out in the storm. The candle-lit dinner consisted of cheese sandwiches and a bottle of red wine.

  • Aw, OLG! Tell you where they don't throw you out - Jamie's Italian. We go there as a writing group when we meet sometimes, or if we are celebrating something. We always chat nineteen to the dozen and are still chatting at the end of the meal when the desserts and coffee has been cleared - and they bring a bottle of water and glasses for us to carry on until we are ready! That's what I call good service, and this is in Bath where they are very, very busy.
  • Perhaps I should suggest Bath for our February break next year :) .
  • I really am too late for the Valentine's Day thread (late to the party as usual) but I have to say, what a lovely lot of comments there are on here.
    Liz, your son sounds almost as talented as his clever parents. (So glad you found the song you were looking for. You say you're not a romantic but that was truly sweet of you.)
    Hope everyone had a lovely day. xx
  • XXX Happy not-valentines-day to you, IG.
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