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World Book Day

edited March 2014 in Writing
Happy World Book Day everyone! May you spend many hours curled up on the armchair with your favourite book.


  • Wish I could... I do feel like it...
  • Thank you, StF. I have been doing just that and shall continue to do so.
    (Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn)
  • Wish I could too Liz. Had a very busy day. Maybe this evening!
  • Didn't know that, StF. I just finished a book last night, so I'll be choosing my next one to curl up with later.
  • Great reminder, St F. I've been working - still am - so my reading today has not necessarily been of my choosing. Maybe this book will be a book one of you might choose next year?
  • Thanks StF. I took full advantage earlier today, and finished 'No Time For Goodbye' by Linwood Barclay. Great book. Couldn't put it down. Hope everyone enjoys whatever book they are reading.
  • Anyone know why World Book Day is so far away from World Book Night?
  • World book day has been going a long time- I remember my sons getting token when they were in primary school. And it's always had more association with children reading because of that I think.
  • Was too busy yesterday but I have already promised myself a reading day today. Also my wrist hurts due to editing/RSI so this is a good excuse to give it a rest!
  • Debby, I loved that book. I've read all Linwood Barclay's, but that was one of his finest!
  • That was my first of his, TN. So many Red Herrings! I loved his style so much that I've just bought 'Never Saw It Coming' this morning whilst doing my weekly shop.

    My pal's working her way through his latest 'A Tap On The Window', so I'm holding out for that after she's done.

    I'm a happy girl when I discover an author I love reading. Although I have a habit of devouring every book I can find written by them, sickening myself, and then moving on... :)
  • Yes, he's one of my favourite authors. There's some brilliant characterisation in A Tap on the Window. I read that one recently. Try Too Close to Home - I seem to remember that was a good one, too.

    I love Tess Gerritsen and Nicci French as well.
  • Thanks, TN. Will do!

    Nicci French make a great team and I've enjoyed many of their books. I've yet to try Tess Gerritsen, but am sure I will in future.
  • Oooh, ooh, ooh... ok I'll try too. Writes "Linwood Barclay" on small piece of paper that will get lost.

    Peter's producer (a woman) has sent him home with someone she enjoys, Jo Nesbo.... she thinks I'll like it. Anyone read any?
  • A lot of people rave about Jo Nesbo. I found all the names confusing and gave up!
  • Oh, Darn... it is on my lounge table waiting for me. That is the reason I loathe Gabriel Marquez.
  • You seemed to like Snowman... the one I have is 'The Redbreast'. I think I shall try...
  • My review's not the one at the top of the page...
  • Oh! *Doesn't understand Goodreads*
  • This is my Snowman one:
    3 stars
    I love thrillers generally, but this author didn't do it for me...nor, coincidentally, did Steig Larsson.I have to say that by the second half of the book I was enjoying it more, but my concentration lapsed a lot at the beginning. I have another Jo Nesbo to read, so I'll see if he grows on me. I tend not to enjoy books so much when the names are foreign as I forget who's who. I took some time to take the name 'Harry Hole' seriously.
  • Ah! Ok. I like foreign names, names in general, I just don't like it if they all sound (or are) the same like in Marquez. I'll tell you how i go!
  • (I went back to read the above!)
  • And The Leopard:
    3 stars
    Jo Nesbo certainly weaves a tight plot and, by the end, has secured every loose thread. For me, however, there are too many characters...and certainly too many beginning with the initial 'K', which, when I was reading late at night, tired and with reduced concentration, began to confuse me! I don't know how much more Harry Hole can take after this episode. At the beginning of the book he is already a drug-addicted alcoholic with a digital omission and by the end there are even fewer working bodily parts. I don't feel inclined to read a third Jo Nesbo. For me, it was only a page-turner in a few places.
  • My mum has read every Jo Nesbo book. I tried to read his first one but couldn't get past Chapter 3. It just didn't hold my interest. That and the fact that Harry Hole just throws me right out of the moment...

    I now have a buckling shelf full of Jo Nesbo books and my mum keeps asking when I'll be getting started on them. I'll have to tell her eventually. 8-|
  • I missed this somehow! I had it in my head that it was the 30th March but have just realised that I was confusing it with another commitment. Never mind, I shall no doubt remember it next year because I forgot it this year! lol 8-}
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