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Can't submit competition entry online

Hello. I'm not a subscriber but I'm trying to enter the 750 word short story competition (open) and all I can seem to do is open my .doc file so it shows in the box on the How to Enter bit of the screen but then that's it. Nothing appears in my basket, there's no upload button or anything similar and no opportunity for me to pay the fee. I'm logged in properly. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Is this the first time you've tried entering online?

    The system seems to give problems the first time people try to enter.

    You say you're logged on properly, so I'm assuming you're using your writers-online log-in, not the Talkback log-in?
  • Hello. Yes its my first entry. I was logged in with the Writer's Online log-in too. After 3 days (on and off) of trying to submit it the upload button appeared about ten minutes ago so I've managed it. Thanks for replying though.
  • Glad to hear it worked the third time. :)
  • Hello. Im having the same problem again. The only difference since I last submitted successfully is that I've since subscribed.

  • I'll flag your post, so hopefully Webbo and co. can sort it out.
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