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Problems getting to the site last night

edited May 2014 in - Website Problems
Phot's Moll couldn't access the site last night at all. No response to her log-in, and then she got a run time error. I had a few problems from my Kindle (server problem), but got in later. Anyone else with difficulties?
PM, if you get in today, let us know.


  • I usually don't log in until after 10pm in the evening, and there was no issue then.
  • I had to change my password to get back in.

    Got a run time error yesterday but it was a temporary glitch
  • I've been experiencing errors quite frequently, lately. Just now, replying to my own thread, the screen went blank and a little error box appeared. Thankfully the back button rescued my post. That's from my mobile; haven't been on much from my PC, apart from last night, early evening, and no issues then.
  • Thank you!

    Turns out I was trying to log into the main site, not this forum. That means there may still be an issue with the main site (Webbo is investigating) but the issue with TB was just me being a duffer.
  • I haven't been able to log into the main site for ages. I was trying to connect to the forum on my PC a while back, then realised there are two login buttons.
  • I only realised today there were two types of log in. (Usually I stay logged in.)
  • Oh, yes, I realised that when I tried to log in from Barcelona a few weeks back. I thought I was having problems due to being in another country, but then saw that there were two different buttons - log in and sign in, I think.
  • You're not a duffer, PM - you're a perfectly sentient being. (Well, you're a writer, but that's close enough.) Glad it's sorted.
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