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How to get rid of the Cookies notice?

edited May 2014 in - Website Problems
The cookies notice appears at the bottom of my screen every time I come here. It says, 'Close this message and prevent it from showing in the future' which I click on every time, and it won't take the hint. I'd hate it to feel unloved, but how do I make it go away?


  • I think it might be your settings, but I can't offer any assistance...sorry.
  • Must be your computer settings.
    I only get the message when I've cleaned cookies off my computer and then log-in to TB.

    Does your computer clear cookies every time you log off?
  • That is most likely the problem. Your browser has a stricter cookie policy than we do, so assumes to delete the cookie that says you no longer need to be notified about cookies!
    As a kind of universal solution, look in the options/tools/preferences of your browser, the section probably called security/privacy and then look at the cookies. If you don't want to change your whole cookie policy, you should be able to specify that ours isn't deleted as often as your other ones.
  • Thank you, Webbo, for that, um, clarification! I'll speak to a large Bear person about it.
  • The cookie notice is becoming unbearable?
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