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Spinetingling Success

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I should give up more often! Just as I was thinking about giving up entering competitions, I went and won the latest Spinetinglers contest. It's run monthly, there are several prizes and it's free to enter, so I recommend taking a look at the website: http://www.spinetinglers.co.uk


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    Well done - and excellent prizes!

    Hmm. Typos on their home page.

  • Well done Kayess!
  • Good for you :)
  • I tried to website but no luck. I couldn't find any details about the competition. Am I doing something wrong? What was the prize?
  • Thanks everyone. Maybe it's disloyal of me but I agree, Baggy Books, the typos are irritating-maybe we should offer our proof-reading services! I've just tried the link and it worked for me, so I don't know why you've had trouble, Casey. Unfortunately, my computer savvy is limited to switching it off and on again. The prizes are 1st=£100, 2nd=£50, and three prizes of £25.
  • Brilliant well done! Great prizes too.
  • Congratulations, Kayess.
    The link worked - but the site seems super-slow. I tried to click on the stories for April and couldn't bring any up. Is yours the first one, Kayess? I will try to read it if possible!

    Have to say I was underwhelmed with all those typos - it isn't a good advert for Spinetinglers, is it? It made me wonder how many typos would be found in their anthologies!

    Sorry, Kayess - I'm not denigrating your success or your ability to write a brilliant, prize-winning story - my criticism about the errors on their website has nothing to do with you!
  • Well done on winning Kayess.
  • Spinetinglers has been going for some while, but the website has been updated recently. I've just tried it again and found the home page was slow to load and I couldn't get any stories to come up either. Perhaps there are a few glitches that have yet to be sorted out. I'll have to keep an eye on it. Hopefully, I'll get to proof my story before the anthology is published.
  • Congratulations, Kayess.
  • Well done, Kayess. Money to spend on entering more comps (or biscuits. Hm - tough choice).
  • Well done and a nice prize too so don't give up now!
  • It's a tough choice, Mrs Bear. If I choose biscuits I'll make the dogs happy, but if I enter more comps I could win more money to spend on biscuits.
  • Congratulations.
  • Congratulations, Kayess. The site seems very temperamental and I couldn't get into it at first, then after a couple of attempts I managed to find your story but it wouldn't load. Hopefully as you say it'll just be a case of teething troubles with the new format.

    Well done, anyway.
  • The site's behaving itself - I managed to access your story this time. Very good; the concept works well. Congratulations again!
  • Glad you got the site to work for you, danfango, and thanks for the encouragement. I emailed the people at Spinetinglers and they say that they're having trouble with the site and have asked 'the techies' to look into it.
  • Well done :)
  • Site is now coming up with an error message and I can't access it at all. :(

    Guess it will be best to wait a week or two for it settle down.
  • Working now.
  • Congrats, kayess!
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    I've just read your story, Kayess - it was absolutely riveting. Congratulations, I'm not surprised it won!
    I was so impressed I registered in order to leave a comment. :)
  • I love this forum. Everyone's always so helpful and positive.
  • Very well done, Kayess! A great achievement.
  • Well done - and excellent prizes!

    Hmm. Typos on their home page.

    Their competition entry rules state:
    Please make sure that you read through your story carefully before submitting it. Check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Stories with quite a few mistakes will be automatically rejected.

  • No need to worry about that then!
  • Well done. I've submitted several stories to ST without success so can imagine how chuffed you are and getting one accepted.
  • It wasn't my first time of trying either, so your turn might be around the corner.
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