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Book Signing at a British Legion Coffee Morning

edited July 2014 in - Writing Tales
I've just done a book signing at the Croxley British Legion Coffee Morning, donating some of the proceeds to their funds.
Brilliant morning and lots of lovely people. A most enjoyable way the spend a morning.


  • Sounds lovely - well done on the sales.
  • What a splendid place to have a book signing. MyOH is chairman of the RBL Teneirfe, though we don't have a clubhouse I could use when I publish my book!
    We've just taken delivery of a load of RBL badges today to sell for funds - the most popular one in the last batch was a Poppy Man on a Vespa - we sold loads to a Las America bar called 'Scooters'.
  • Well done Casey, and for supporting a good cause at the same time.
  • Sounds great, Casey - well done!
  • That sounds fun - hope it did well.
  • Well done. :)
  • My book signing made it into My Croxley News. Lovely write up. I'd upload the picture if I knew how. Anyway - chuffed as a chimney.
  • Can I have your autograph?
  • edited August 2014
    Hi Casey - I'm out of touch, lass, what's the book called? I've got a lot of catching up to do :) OMG I DID AN EMOTICON!
    Well done, Casey, and I think I saw a short story of yours not long since in one of the mags, would that be correct? Well done!
  • Hi ceka, yes lovely to see you back. I've had quite a few shorts in the womags. Very pleased about that. My novel is The Water Gypsy. It's a Victorian novel about a girl from the boats. I'm really interested in the history of the canals etc and they mentioned this in the My Croxley News write up.
    I'm also delighted that Londonist (a popular website for people like me who love London) has chosen one of my stories as its story of the week. It'll be on the website next weekend.
    It's all going rather well. Fingers crossed that it continues.
    Hope you are keeping well, and the owls.

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