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Email alerts

Ceka keeps receiving email alerts that I have posted a private message to her - the same message. I sent her a reply to a message on Monday, but why does she keep receiving emails about it?


  • May just be a hiccup in the system.
  • Perhaps, but it is annoying.
  • I've been getting the double posting issue this week, so IO wonder if they're both occasional glitches.

    Might be worth letting Webbo know though.
  • Hence the thread...
  • Couple of things to try...
    Ceka - toggle your contact preferences off and on again on your account page.
    BB - can you delete the message?
  • edited August 2014
    try... off and on again
    Now I know you're a computer expert!
  • I have passed the detailed instructions to Ceka, but omitted the 'toggling'.
  • Hello! Yeah, dump the toggling, sounds rood to me. I went into my preferences but don't see how to turn them off and on again, only close the box and open it again. SO I'm just off to see wot Baggy has wrote on my EMale ...
  • Nuffing there!
  • Hang on, there it is, hiding. Still two little boxes telling me I have a message from Baggy ...
  • OK, so I unticked everything and only ticked one thing back ... let's see wot 'appens next
    (looks for appropriate smileyfacethingy) :bz
  • Aw, that's cute
  • But feckin' irritating after a few seconds. How long do I have to delete this busybeething ?
  • thanks Baggy and Webbo!
  • You have a whole day to delete it, ceka.

    Hope it's worked! I don't like this new system at all.
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